Interview With Kayla

Since Kayla has interviewed me twice on her blog HERE and HERE, I thought I would return to the favor by interviewing her. This is a special kind of a interview which we do in person and we type out everything we’re saying, so it reads like a real conversation. 😀 It was a lot of fun to do, even though it was hard to keep up with everything she was saying.  I had to insert a lot of *ramble* moments. We are discussing her heroines.

J: Hello Kayla.

K: Hi.

J: I would like ask, who is your favorite heroine?

Kayla: Like, all the time, like in real life, or in just movies?

J: Just movies.

K: Okay… um, Princess Leia from Star Wars, of course.

J: What is one of your favorite scenes with her?

K: Whooooo *giggles* …………. *Claps* the speeder bike chase.

J: Why?

K: Oh, um….. because….it’s just so epic, it’s like going really fast and just, like, *giggles* I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like…. She just jumped on and *speeder noises* And than with like, okay, she wasn’t wearing a cape, but with her outfit blowing in the wind and Luke sitting there and *more speeder noises* Go watch it, for heaven sake!

J: I will insert that scene in our interview.

K: Yes, yes, yes,….. *bounces about* Oh, I can’t wait.

J: What is your opinion of Padme, since I know you like her?

K: She’s very intelligent, very………………..very convicted, like she doesn’t, um, she doesn’t change her mind under pressure, you know, being a senator, she has her principles down…. *rambling for about three minutes* Okay, I like Padme because she’s cool, no, because she’s quick, pretty, convicted, and loyal…. I don’t know. She’s just… I just like her.

J: What is one of your favorite scenes with her?

K: When Anakin was like “Whatta about Padme”—you know, the arena scene and she was climbing up the big column thing… *rambles more* She just seems on top of things. *giggles*

J: Okay, I know you like Black Widow, what is your favorite scene with her?

K: Oh, um, obviously her fight scene from Iron Man 2; technically speaking, I like the scene from the Avengers trailer where….. where she, like, does the spin around thing on that bar and than kicks the guy. Just the way they did it  and it was so fast. And I really love it when she pepper sprays the guy. *laughs*

*inserted: I REALLY like Black Widow’s fight scene as well. She’s a very well trained super assasian and she’s going to rock in the Avengers!*

J: Okay, one last question: do you have a heroine like from Charade or something like that?

K: Yeah, I do… let me think….. uuuuuhhhhh………………………. This is hard, ’cause I can’t really remember. ‘Cause I kinda like the lady from Rooster Cogburn–

J: Miss Goodnight?

K: Yeah, but, uh, she’s old fashioned. But I kinda like the lady from “Father Goose”. No wait! I GOT IT! No wait, it’s sorta of a new movie, but anyway it’s Anne Shirley. I like the grownup Anne from Anne of Avonlea. And you have to ask me why so I can explain.

J: Why?

K: Because…. Because she’s fun and imaginative, but she’s still mature but she’s still like, like she’s really nice and I kinda like characters that are teachers because they’re just, like, neat and cool but she’s not like a heroine, she’s just a favorite character.

J: Okay, thank you so—get away from the chat box!—for doing this interview! Did enjoy yourself?

K: Um, I don’t like being the center of attention but it was fun but also hard because I was trying to think of the right thing to say about Padme and I was blowing it and I couldn’t really  *starts rambling*  . . . . . . . But yeah, I enjoyed myself. Thank you. *Head Bob*

J: *types Head Bob*

K: I did not! I did not! I did not do a head bob! I did not! I did not! I did not! *starts hitting me * I did not do a head bob. *Walks off laughing*



15 thoughts on “Interview With Kayla

  1. ROFL! Oh my work I said, ‘like’, too many times. LOL! I LOOOOVE the video’s *obviously* thanks for putting them in! LEEEEIIIIAAA! ( I think it’s kinda funny how she jumps on the bike and Luke hops on and then the whole time he’s just like, ‘Do this!’ – ‘Get closer!’ being a backseat driver! I wonder if she was glad to be rid of him. LOL!) Wow Padme is way cooler than I had remembered! 😀
    Woah. Black Widow… I’m just like…. :O I could never do that! LOL!
    *rolls eyes* Head bob. You think you are so funny. XD

    1. LOL, that is funny but at least she was quick to accept help! Padme… not quite as impressed with her, actually. That cheesy little peck she gives Anakin made me snort, actually. XD

      Black Widow blows me out of the water. She is so amazing. I can’t wait to see her moves in The Avengers.


  2. Very funny interview! 😀 LOL Black Widow’s fight scene was awesome! It’s how funny “Happy” Hogan is having such a hard time defeating one guy while Widow is taking everyone out. 😀 And of course Leia was great in the speeder bike chase.


  3. lol loved that interview. I love how both of you girls interview’s are so natural and conversational like, it really makes it enjoyable to read and shows how close you two are. Great post loved reading it.

  4. Jamie, I sent a link to this to my husband. Strange noises keep resounding from his computer — he must be watching the famous ride that Kayla mentioned. No joke, he thinks this post is fun!

    1. Awwww, I’m so glad you both like it then! LOL, that’s really funny! 😀

      Me thinks we shall have to do another interview in the near future. 😛


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