My Life’s Soundtrack (Part 1)

Stole this idea from Jedi~Chick ’cause it looked totally fun!!! 😀 The idea is basically cataloging the songs that remind you of different times in your life. Like a soundtrack. So, here’s mine; or at least, four of them. I might do a part 2 next Friday. 🙂

Do you know that almost sub-conscious feeling, like when you were a REALLY little kid, so innocent, so pure—that deep in-your-soul feeling, almost? I get it listening to this intro song because I watched 101 Dalmatians when I was very young. Like, a couple times but than I didn’t get to see till I was sixteen–that’s a huge time gap. I got the soundtrack for my sixteenth birthday and listening to this song just gave that awe induced feeling. That sub-conscious “I remember!” feeling. 🙂

Same with this cartoon (I know, not a song, but who cares). In fact, when I was trying to remember the old cartoons which I saw only when I was very little, this was the VERY first to pop in my head. Isn’t that weird–this one. And the one scene that stuck out was were Clarice steps out in front of the very glittery curtain and starts singing. This conjures that sub-conscious ‘little child’ feeling too. Re-watching this took me straight back.

This music reminds me of my….what was it, sixteenth year? I think I was sixteen when our Pastor’s family filmed Friday at Noon. That was pretty big for our little church (I got to be an extra several times in it) and Gabe wrote some darn good music for it. I listened to it a lot because I was always re-watching the trailers. 😛 This is one of my favorite tracks from his complete soundtrack and it’s got some of the themes from the film. It simply reminds me of those days in summer where everyone was talking about Friday at Noon. That just seems like a pretty large event my life.

This? THIS SCREAMS NANOWRIMO! I listened to this constantly when I was writing my month long book challenge last Novemeber. I vividly connect this piece with sitting in my purple butterfly chair with my laptop with my bedroom door closed to block out all the noise and hurriedly typing away anything that came into my head to go down next on paper. Just, ‘WRITE! WRITE! WRITE! GET OUT! GET IT ON THAT COMPUTER SCREEN! I DON’T CARE IF IT’S UTTER TRASH, JUST WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE, NO, DON’T FIX THAT! LEAVE IT! COME ON, KEEP THOSE FINGERS GOING, YOU HAVE A DEADLINE, LET’S MOVE! THIS FOR 50,000 WORDS! COME ON! WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!!!” Loved every minute of it. I’ll probably do it again this year. Because writing is one of my hugest passions in life and it’s what I’m really good at. But, let’s save that for another post. 🙂

Oh, if you have nothing else to do now that you’ve gotten to the end of this post, go check out Jedi~Chick’s post!! 😀



13 thoughts on “My Life’s Soundtrack (Part 1)

  1. Um… I can only think of one soundtrack that would fit something I have done before and it would be the music I posted below. It reminds me of when I drove my father’s truck a little to fast in the field (I really wasn’t driving that fast). 🙂

    The reason I think it fits is becasue it reminds me of this part of the Halo video game.


  2. The Friday at Noon score was great! I’m still sad I never got a complete copy of it!

    You know, the Above All Stand song brings back tons of memories for me… Nest Movie songs (do you know what those are?) soundtracks are memories of being little… The Sound of Music reminds me again, of being little, but older little… So many hymns and choruses remind me wonderful times around the campfire… Phyrgia (one of Gabe’s) reminds me of trying to figure out the quickest way to fold laundry! lol I listened to that piece over and over while I tried to get my work done! The Prince of Egypt goes with memories of Gabriel and Nechet, to my sisters and I as we searched YouTube for our favorite tracks before I got the CD for Christmas! I better stop. I could go on though. 😀


    1. Wow, those are good memories! Oh my, yes, The Sound of Music–I saw that SO MUCH when I was younger. It was our big movie. 😛 The Prince of Egypt also makes me think of the H’s. 🙂 No, I don’t think I know what Next Movie songs are. Lol 😀


      1. Nest Movies are Animated Stories from the Bible. We used to watch them a lot when we were little. Anyway, about halfway through each one, there is usually a song written with the theme of the movie, then possibly another one in the credits. Bethany and I used to sing those songs all the time and even still do it sometimes. They had music video VHS, which pretty much just had the songs and we loved them. 😀

      2. Awww, that’s really pretty. Yeah…. we didn’t see that one, but that animation ‘type’ looks familiar at the same time. Not sure why…. arg, this is going to drive me nuts! 😛


      3. I know that some of the animators actually worked for Disney before they worked for Nest. You can really tell on some of the older Disney movies, because the style is so close. It’s not exact, but very close. The original 12 New Testament films were high quality animation, and overall, pretty well done. They added 12 more years later, and most of them aren’t as good as the originals – especially animation. Stories weren’t as good either. We never saw very many of the Old Testament ones. Mom said they were too inaccurate. 🙂

      4. We saw some animated Bible stories when we were little, but I don’t remember songs in the middle of them. So… I’m guessing we probably didn’t watch same ones as you. 🙂 But that’s a good point, kid shows can really take you back. Kinda like Veggietales, except we saw a majority of the new ones a couple years ago, so only a few would actually remind me of when I was little. 😛


      5. Dave and the giant Pickle, Larry Boy and the Fib from Outer Space, and Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed were the three I saw the most when I was little. The others we saw after I was a bit older. Oh and Jonah. Though I was about fourteen when that came out. 😀

      6. I saw those three when I was younger, along with, Where’s God When I’m Scared, The Toy that Saved Christmas, Madame Blueberry…. I think we saw them all as they came out, up to Lyle the Kindly Viking. We stopped somewhere around there.

        Boy, now I want to go watch a few Veggietale songs on Youtube…


  3. I forgot about some of those! It might just be time for another VeggieTales Saturday here soon, just for fun… We children haven’t done one of those in forever……. :p

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