We are rare but we are there.

We’re called the CCFIA: Calm and Collected Female Intelligence Agency. What is that? Nothing much but a group of girls who don’t want to be alone anymore. We freely admit we are not like the typical American teenage–freak. In a world where sometimes it can feel lonely (I will be the first to raise my hand that I am very lonely a lot of the time), we can band together and all know we’re all mentally stable… in the good way. We are crazy in other areas, but those areas are legal! We already have 5 members, including myself:



Shena Tokala





I’m glad to know you girls! If there are anymore of you out there, let me know and I will add your name to the list–if you have a blog link, leave it too so I can link it to you, that way we can all connect. 🙂 And, I made us a button. Share it on your website if you want to let other calm and collected females that they aren’t alone. Link it back to me so they can see the rest of us!