The Terminator: A Film Review

So, we watched The Terminator last Saturday….whoooo. It was a total guy flick but I actually enjoyed it a ton more than I thought I would. It was the old 1984 version but was really good for it’s time. The effects were neat, there was a ton of machine gun slinging and shooting and explosions and fire. The plot was actually decent and kept me interested and while there wasn’t a ton of talking, it didn’t bug me too much. If you are a male than I can guarantee that you will love this movie. If you’re a girl, that’s very iffy. My mom was like “Why am I watching this?” and Kayla enjoyed it but wasn’t like really hyped, which surprised me. I had actually been rather hesitant before hand even though I wanted to see it. But by the end, I was like, “This was a good movie! That was really cool! I like this movie!” My thinking of sunglasses have totally changed now—I will now wear them and pretend to be a terminator.

We did see the censored version, so I’m sure some swearing was taken out, more gory scenes were probably clipped out (actually, I’m rather sure there were some taken out) and there was probably a sex scene too… just so you are aware.

The storyline itself can be confusing if you think about it for too long, but really, it’s very simple. From the future of 2029, two people are sent back to the year 1984. One is the Terminator, an assassination cyborg programmed to hunt down and kill a young woman named Sarah Conner. The other is a young fighter called Kyle Reese commissioned to protect her. The Terminator kills two other Sarah Conners in the area before it finally tracks the right Sarah down and she goes on the run with Kyle, wondering why this flesh-covered killing machine is trying to kill her. Kyle explains that in the future, there is a war going on between humans and machines. The human’s rallying leader is her un-born son, John. In an attempt to win the war, the machines have sent a Terminator back in time to kill her before John could be conceived.

I honestly think it’s quite an interesting plot, though confusing when trying to think it all out. I’m sure the story has been better flushed out by the three following movies, though. XD

As you can guess from the film’s plot, there is plenty of action. Gun fights, car chases, and explosions are nearly endless. So, there was a lot of death in the movie, including the two women at the beginning who were killed by the Terminator as he made sure no Sarah Conner survived. The edited version took out what bad gore was there, so while we saw a ton of policemen toppling over dead, there was nothing super gross. And while there were some not so nice shots of the Terminator after his false eye was messed up, I could tell they’d taken out some graphic parts of that as well… which was nice.

The Terminator was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger; the character is a cyborg covered in living tissue, being able to blend in with humans. Being a relentless machine, it can be shot ten dozen times by huge guns, get mowed over by trucks, ect, and still be in working order. Even if his outside starts to give out. That was one of the chilling things about this villain. It was like NOTHING could stop him, he just kept getting back up! This added quite a level of intensity to the film.

Now onto Sarah and her protector from the future and the —-SPOILER—- father of the not yet conceived child that this whole problem is about. I actually at first, was wondering who exactly was going to be John Conner’s dad since it was hinted that nobody really knew and than I started getting suspicious by the middle of the film that she and he were having feelings and then, yeah, we get up to wear the sex scene is cut out and I’m like; “woah, there’s a twist”.

But about the two characters separately. We’ll start with Sarah:

When we were getting ready to watch, I was really scared that I wouldn’t like the main character. Lead female roles are rather tricky and they can often have attitudes or characteristics that put me off. Sarah really surprised me and she was actually a rather good character. She was scared through the whole film—who wouldn’t be, if two other women in your town who share your name drop dead and you’re the last one and you think you’re being followed—but it wasn’t a wimpy kind of scared. And by the end of the film, she overcame that fear and got a good backbone. She was quiet, willing to be protected, and understandably upset but at the same time very sweet. I really liked her. 🙂 Oh, and I was even happy with her hair (women’s hairstyles from the 80’s can through me through a loop).

Now about Kyle Reese. I really liked Kyle. He was strong, brave and willing to put his life on the line for a woman he hadn’t yet met (but later admitted he’d already loved). I saw in his character the gritty courage of men of the old films who were willing to protect the innocent and stand up against the evil forces. He was a very manly character who’d grown up in bad circumstances but was still strong. He was a great character.

Overall, our edited version of The Terminator was very good and I really enjoyed the film. I wouldn’t recommend the unedited version for violence, language, and the sex scene. But if you can get the edited version and if you like action/sci-fi/guy movies, than this is one for you! I personally really enjoyed this movie and it’s probably amongst my favorites. The Terminator is certainly now high among my favorite villains (because he deserves to be there) and Kyle and Sarah and probably in my hero and heroine lists now as well. 🙂

Now, for my friends who have seen this movie, I’m going to do a short picture spam just because. 🙂

Any Terminator fans out there?



9 thoughts on “The Terminator: A Film Review

  1. *raises hand* Me!!! I’ve seen all the Terminator movies and they’re pretty awesome!! “I’ll be back” is probably one of the best parts….such a classic quote. 😉

    While I’m thinking about action movies, have you seen any of the Die Hard movies? Or Lethal Weapon?

  2. I loved your review! 😀 I am glad you liked it. I really like all of the Terminator movies. Terminator 2 is a lot better than Terminator 1. Although it has been a few years since I have T2 (Terminator 2) I remember it being much better and the movie critics agreed that it was really good. T2 had better characters, amazing action, and was an overall great movie. And Sarrah Conner was a much cooler character in T2 if I remember right. I have not seen T3 in a long time but I do not think it was as good and the recent Terminator Salvation was OK but not great. Also there was a excellent Terminator TV series that was one of my favorite TV series. I am a Terminator fan. 🙂 And the first Die Hard is great. One of the best action movies I have seen. The Die Hard sequels were not that great but the first Die Hard redefined the action movie genre. I also highly recommend The Matrix! It was incredible. It is easily the best sci-fi movie after Star Wars. 🙂


    1. Thanks for all the recommendations! I’d like to see the next Terminator just to see more of the story work out, but we don’t have it and we’ll see if we can find a copy. 🙂 And I’d like to see the Matrix as well; it looks pretty cool too! 😀


      1. I was wondering were do you buy the clean verison of movies? I have been looking every were for The Matrix Trilogy and I can not find it. Also I quote “I’ll be back” with the accent any time I leave the room. LOL 😀

      2. My Dad got our clean version HERE but I don’t know if they have the Matrix. If they do, I’ll have to ask him if we can get them!!

        EDIT: They do have the Matrix Trilogy, I just looked them up in the search bar!!


  3. I LUV all the pictures you found! GAH!!! I LUV PICTURE SPAM TIME! LOL!
    Anyway it was a thrilling movie. I probably would of enjoyed it more if we hadn’t of watched it before going to bed, haha! Yeah, I guess it was good. 😀

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