Messy Mondays

If you’re a Christian, better yet, a HOMESCHOOLED Christian, than you need to watch a couple of these videos produced by Blimey Cow! They’re hilarious, downright truthful and well made by two young adult brothers. Seriously. I watched one video of theirs and was seriously hooked! They produce a video every Monday and they all have been wonderful!

7 Lies about Homeschooling will hook you!

WASN’T THAT AWESOME!??!!?! Jordan is great with communicating everything, he has the best facial expressions and can totally put on that geeky voice on! And Josh is the brother behind the camera writing the shows and putting it all together. They both make these videos awesome!

And here are the rest of my favorites. If you need to see them all (like I did) go to their You Tube pages, it’s all there.

(Understand they’re using sarcasm) I love how they describe the mega churches and address some things about modern ‘worship’. 😀

Every single time we go to the movies I think of this episode. Kayla plays “How Dumb Does the Movie Trailer Think I Am?”. 😀 And we normally have the ‘cackling moms’ problem. XD

This one… this one speaks TRUTH.

“YOU need to work harder!” ROFL

Praise the Lord, they have nailed the problems of contemporary Christian bands PERFECTLY.

This one is awesome! I love how they can communicate their points using good sarcasm. I love sarcasm. 😀

Well, my friends, what do you think?! Which is your favorite?


12 thoughts on “Messy Mondays

  1. Some of these are really funny! 😀 The first video is mostly true and very funny. 🙂

    My solution to Christian bands: John Williams (I am not trying to talk bad about Christian music).


    1. The first video is by far their best and most popular, I believe.

      YES! John Williams rocks!!!! I listen to more John Williams than any band, personally.


  2. I love these videos! I actually went out and watched a couple of other ones and they were good too. My favorite of the ones you posted was probably the “Want v.s Need” one, the one about the Internet, the Homeschooled one.
    Oh and about the “three different churches one” he said that Democrats weren’t aloud at traditional churches but my church is quite traditional(though we are progressive as well) and a lot of the people who attend are Democrat(myself included). But then, I’m guessing he’s talking about the majority 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! And yeah, he was mostly talking about the majority. Like, one of the last churches we went to was pretty traditional and most everyone was Republican. So, yeah, each church is different. 🙂


      1. I agree. My church(which is Lutheran) is apart of the E.L.C.A which is a bit more progressive than other Lutheran branches so that probably has something to do with it 🙂

  3. Hmmmm… I do agree with most of them, but I’d like to comment about the one about Contemporary Christian music. I think that there is such a thing as Christian music: artists like TobyMac, Jars of Clay, and Newsboys are all bands that are targeting a Christian market. In real life, sure, they may be just as human as we are, but by labeling themselves as a Christian band they are devoting their music to God. If they release just one song with one word in it that is profane, they cease to be a Christian band, because their worldviews have obviously changed. There are also bands of Christians- bands that target a secular audience but release music that is clean, like U2 and Adam Young. Sometimes, Christian music can be a little vague, I’ve found myself sitting down, listening to a Lifehouse CD, trying to decide whether a song was about God or about a girl, but either way it would have been a great song. Listen to artists like Eminem and compare him to, say, Grits. The difference is profound and obvious. Just to help explain my point:

    Eminem: “And if she ever tries to -censor- leave again I’m gonna tie her to the bed and set the house on fire”
    Grits: “It’s times like these that make me say: ‘Lord if you see me please come my way.’ Leavin’ bread crumbs for when I stray; rely on sacrifice and the price you paid”

    I find the difference profound.

    Negativity aside, I enjoyed these videos! I even clicked on some more to see what else this group had to say about today’s world. I am thoroughly enjoying browsing through your blog!!! 😀

    1. I totally see what your saying; I honestly don’t listen to any bands at all (I do film soundtracks mostly) so I really don’t have my own opinion to it. I liked their video, I could really see and understand what they were saying and it made me laugh. Lol! Anyway, I’m glad you went to check out more of their videos, I greatly recommend watching all of them!

      I’m glad you’re enjoy my blog, by the way! Thanks for commenting so much and leaving your thoughts! It’s good getting feedback! 🙂


      1. Haha no problem! I’m a rather talkative person, so expect to hear from me often xD

      2. By the way, I highly recommend Christian music!!! I love it so much, it is a huge part of my life. I have always listened to a lot of soundtrack music, mostly from Video Games, and more recently from movies, and my Ipod is full of it, but I love the lyrical Christian stuff as well. You should check it out!!! 🙂

      3. Thank you, I’m sure there is great Christian music but since a lot of the contemporary is stuff I don’t care to listen to, it can make it a little difficult. I like Britt Nicole’s music, but I don’t listen to her that much any more. 🙂


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