short stories and the random birth of CCFIA

This totally happened to me at Family Camp two years ago–except I knew the person, sorta. He was new. Anyway, we were sitting in the outside cathedral (Except twenty times smaller than a cathedral) and I was squished on a bench with all the Pastor’s younger daughters, and Kayla, and I was holding a small grasshopper for Mr M because he wanted to save it for fishing bait. So, someone was up front holding service and we’re sitting there trying to pay attention but I kept opening my cupped hands to peek at the grasshopper. Brilliant.

Well. It hopped out one of those times. And landed on the back of the guy sitting on the bench in front of us. All the girls are quietly gasping and giggling and I’ve got their older brother and Mr M turning and looking over at us wondering what is going on. And I couldn’t loose that grasshopper! So I jumped out of my seat and grabbed it right off of the guy’s back with my hand. He kinda jumped and looked over at his shoulder at me and I’m all, “Sorry! Sorry!” and the girls are smothering themselves because this is during service and we’re supposed to be paying attention! It was sooo funny. But not embarressing actually. Because, hey. I was tough enough to be grabbing at grasshoppers when everyone was like, ‘Ew, no, gross! Blaaw!” So… there’s a insect story for you.

Every time. Every single time I go into a store and they have some rings sitting out, and I’ll put one on and than it will take me five minutes to twist and wiggle it to come off. It’s like, seriously, Rings, why do you slid right on but can’t slide right back off!?!?!?!

Number one reason I don’t wear stuff on my fingers. IT WILL BECOME PERMANENT WITH MY BONES!  The only rings I shall probably ever wear consistently will be, Lord willing, my engagement and than wedding ring. I wouldn’t mind if they stick to my bones. XD

Like, outside of always having no sharp crayons, this was my biggest problem with coloring when I was little. My picture would look great till I needed to color the sky blue and that one darn Indigo crayon looked just fine till I swept it across my sky. Made me so mad!!!

But we have become very, very rare. Sometimes it feels lonely. Any more of my rare species still out there??!?! We should call ourselves something neat. Like… Calm and Collected Female Intelligence Agency. Oooooh, I like that! The CCFIA….

Okay! I’m team captain, who else joins? *looks at sister* I could make a blog button….

Wow, I do too much excessive rambling…



10 thoughts on “short stories and the random birth of CCFIA

  1. you. are. brilliant.

    Consider me a member of the CCFIA. 😉 Also, I love your new blog design.
    And I do EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE THINGS. O.O Especially the ring one….gosh…..I will only ever wear my purity ring (which is HUGE because I have HUGE fingers/hands….it’s like a size 11 ring!) and my wedding ring/engagement ring. ;D

    Love you lots!! Your posts are always so epic. ❤ I need to comment more often, when I get a chance! ;D

    1. All right; first member! Yes! 😀 I will certainly have to make a blog button… XD

      You have a purity ring!??! That’s so awesome! I never got one, sadly. 😦

      Thank you, girly!! 😀

      Hugs, Jamie

  2. WAAAAA! *WAVING HAND LIKE MAD* COUNT ME IN! COUNT ME IN! (I can’t believe JC beat me to being first member…!) I AM TOTALLY IN WITH THIS!!!!! YES YES YES! *freak out* Okay, okay, sorry that was just my first reaction. *deep breaths* I really like this and I know what you mean about feeling like the only ones. It’s like every other girl in the world is too busy texting or something electrical to bother catch bugs or draw or do fun things like that.

    I’m done now. Totally count me in. *coughsuggestioncough-whisper* Make me executive under you!

      1. “Sometimes it feels lonely. Any more of my rare species still out there??!?!”

        “It’s like every other girl in the world is too busy texting or something electrical to bother catch bugs or draw or do fun things like that.”

        *cough* Really? I think you know a few others… and have for a quite a few years. 😀

        And Jamie, I may not ramble in my blog posts, but I do in my e-mails, so you’re not alone. 😀

        To the KING be all the glory!

      2. A few is not many and we have not seen ANYONE in ages (I think we have seen The Boys more than anyone else recently) and people change, sadly. It’s quite lonely over here right now. 🙂

        But I like rambling emails!!


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