The ‘Why’ Behind the ‘ROFL’

I know a lot of you love these posts, of which I’m so glad! But I’m sure there are others out there who think, “My gosh, what does this girl think she’s doing by posting an endless amount of pictures up here?” Maybe you wonder too?

Here’s my explanation.

My name, Jamie Joyce. That name means Surplanter of Joy. To ‘surplant’ something is to dig something up and replace it with something else. So, my name means that I ‘dig’ something up and replace it with joy. This really describes my character and personality.

One of the things I love to do is make people laugh. It’s in my personality to always try to cheer someone up if they look a little down. My sister can probably say that when she is not having the best of days, I can be right there trying to make her smile. Either by cracking jokes or making myself look idiotic to make her laugh. It’s in my nature to make the laughter come out. Sitting around with my church girls, I’m usually the one giving the topic of conversation a ridiculous punch till they’re nearly falling out of their chairs in laughter. Or when we’re outside playing and things are going very seriously, I’ll give out a jab that makes everyone crack up for a moment.

I feel like I’ve accomplished some of my PURPOSE when I make someone laugh, giggle or even smile. It’s like part of my being is being completed. I love to share the joy that I come across with others. A way to do that on my blog is to share the many ridiculous but relate-able things which I might come across. Because I want to *see* you smile too. It makes me feel very accomplished when I read your notes about how much they brightened your day or how hard you laughed over which rage-comic.

Laughter is also one of the most healthy things we can do. Even the Bible says in Proverbs that laughter is like medicine to the bones! Heck, who wants brittle bones?!?!?!

Besides, nobody ever hated a good laugh anyway. 😀