I’m a Co-Author!

So, one of my favorite blogs to visit is Fangirls on Felucia, run by my two best Internet buddies Savanna and Jedi-Chick. It originally started out as a blog made for Star Wars fans but they recently expanded to also include Indiana Jones, Tron Legacy, and the Avengers! I was especially excited about the Avengers!

But I was than approached with the offer of co-authoring the blog! Today, my first post was published on their blog! From here on out, I’ll be providing, every other week, a Star Wars or Avenger related post for the blog! I’m SO pumped up about this and am looking forward to the following year as a co-author for FOF as long as it’s in existance!

Thank you so much to Jedi-Chick and Savanna for asking me on board!! I’m so delighted and honored to join!

So, why not take a moment to visit FOF and see my first introductory post? And if you’re here because of FOF, than welcome and considering sticking around! 🙂