Why I’m So Tired:

I’m so tired. And I’m on here because I wanted to apologize for not posting this morning—I’m okay, nothing happened to me! LOL I did mean to post, but things got in the way.

Well, yeah, stuff happened, but it was all good stuff. I got up early to work on the last of my re-editing of my third short story for my series City. I’ve been working on it like a demon all week because The Boys and Mrs B were coming over at 1:00 and I needed it done by than. To be honest, I didn’t think I would get it done. I did major rewriting last night and I’ve been stuck in several places. Honestly, it could be better but I’m so proud with the quality that it is considering how messy it’s been. So, Dylan took it home tonight and he’ll tell me what he thought about it on Sunday.

And, speaking of the Boys, they came over and we played Cops and Robbers for about three hours solid, and one very long basketball game in the front. We had a ton of fun; we  all held Princess (watch for a picture on my photo blog) and climbed the tree and talked about the Avengers and movie ratings and did basketball  and shot at each other and basically had a blast.

My legs are SO tired right now. My adrenaline has been up all day and it’s finally crashed. I’m hunched over my desk right now trying to keep my eyes open, I am that tired. I’ll be even more sore tomorrow. Thankfully, I will not have be working on the story anymore (I’ve been getting up at five in the morning to work on it. Because, as you writers already know, when your story has a deadline, sleep is optional.) I’ve also been running around a ton, so my body is really stiff. I’ll be going to be on the early side tonight. 🙂

And that’s basically the awesomeness of today. Keep an eye on my photo blog tonight for some fun pictures I got! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Why I’m So Tired:

  1. I know what it’s like to be stiff haha. I have lots of neighbors and it just so happens that after they get home from school (I’m homeschooled), they all run to my house to play games.

    And yes… re-editing is a lot of work sometimes! Ahh, deadlines… I did NaNoWriMo this year and it was very draining!!

    1. Lol, that sounds like a ton of fun!!!

      Oooh, you did NaNo! I did it this past year as well and I liked it! It was tough though, especially when I missed a couple days. 😦


  2. Awesome time! You should do a post about it! 😀 Because you have no photo limit! LOL! DO THAT! I’m glad the book is DONE! Finally just done.

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