Rise, Lord Vadar

Darth Vadar is one of the most iconic characters that has ever existed. Star Wars would not be the awesomeness that it is without him. He’s one of the most famous villains ever made. And ever since getting my Darth Vadar sweater (below), I’ve been wearing Star Wars biggest symbol around with me. And I’ve loved seeing the different reactions I’ve received!

My church friends have all given me fun responses. The twelve year old twins loved it. Their general response to me walking by in it is, “Don’t kill me, Lord Vadar!” Sometimes I’ll turn and pretend to force choke them and they’ll grab at their necks and gag. They’re fun like that.

Other church friends gave fun comments in seeing me wear it. Mother and daughter’s exact reactions to me in my sweater was “I love that!” The elder’s son’s eyeballs nearly fell out of his head when I came out with it on during a get together. “Look out!” was what he said! Darcyk gave me a slightly sarcastic comment of, “I guess that since you’re wearing both a Chewbacca shirt and a Darth Vadar sweater that you must be a Star Wars fan.” I was like, “You’re quite correct!” 😀 And than at a party, all us kids were standing around outside and one of the teenage boys exclaimed, “That is a rad sweater!” in which case everyone turned and stared at me. I said thank you, and than everyone wondered what ‘rad’ meant. LOL

However, the best reaction I’ve gotten was from a little boy I didn’t even know.

Mom and I were walk through a parking lot, ready to have lunch at Pei Wei’s. I was, of course, wearing my sweater, along with a long, black skirt. We went past a car that held two ladies who were chatting in the front seat, their windows partly rolled down. In the back seat was a very bored looking seven or eight year old boy.  We walked right by their car, and he saw me. The look on his face was one of immediate recognition and surprise. But within a second, he started yelling. LITERALLY yelling! We were passing right in front of their car, and he was nearly leaning over front seat, pointing at me and screaming, “MOM!  LOOK! MOM! LOOK!” It took me a moment to figure out what he was exactly screaming about and than it dawned on me. Of course, a young boy would freak out at seeing a teenage girl walk by his car in a Darth Vadar sweater! It was probably the last thing he expected! I was pleased to have made his day less boring. I turned to Mom and said, “That kid recognized my sweater, Mom!” Mom gave me this funny look and said, “Was that what he was screaming about?” 😀

It’s so neat wearing Star Wars out and about like a regular geek. Seeing people’s reactions have been so fun. Especially from people I know. It’s cool to be associated with one of the iconic characters in existence. I am sad that summer is fast approaching and I will have to put my sweater away till cooler weather comes back.

Because not only do I love having people recognize my character sweater, but it’s darn comfy, too! Perfect for snuggling up in! . . . Okay, that sounded weird. Snuggling up in a villain’s suit. Yeah, that doesn’t sound right. 😯


~ Jamie, the rising Sith Lord 🙂