A Feminine Warrior

I’m not your typical girl.

I don’t do tea in teacups. Or the Jane Austen film adaption marathons. Or the English-accents-for-boys. . .thing. Nor do I eat macaroons and cupcakes. I don’t wear a lot of makeup. Or jewelry. I don’t spend my money at the mall. Vintage is not my clothes style. I don’t wear lace. I don’t put bows in my curls. There is nothing wrong with these–I just don’t do them.

I’m more of a tom-boy.  I’m a tougher, gritter type girl.

I wear graphic T’s. Old sneakers are something I wear everywhere except church. Star Wars and Marvel are classified under ‘boys stuff’ and they’re two things I enjoy the most. I enjoy playing freeze tag, capture the flag, and playing Officer Percival for Cops and Robbers. I don’t mind dirt. I like seeing things being blown up. Army movies like Patton, Sergent York and D-Day are inspiring to me. I love to lightsaber fight with my sister and the Boys. I would go to a shooting range over a tea party any day!

I’m enjoy doing things that people might thing was more for boys. Yet, a I love being a girl. I would never trade the preciousness of being feminine for the world. Being a woman is the way God made me; I love being a girl, I love the role which God has made for women, even if I don’t do the sterotypical ‘girl’ things.

I look forward to being someone’s wife and someone’s mother. I wear long skirts everyday. And I work and play in those long skirts too. I like to look nice; a little mascara is perfect for parties or going out. I enjoy sewing clothes, crocheting blankets and cooking meals. I appreciate it every time a guy holds open the door for me, or even just steps to the side to let me walk in first. I like flipping my hair up with a pin and painting my nails every once and awhile.


I’m a tom-boy who wear’s skirts and mascara. I’m a young lady who wears Star Wars shirts and enjoy’s war movies. I don’t want to be a boy; I just happen to enjoy things are usually thought as ‘boyish’. I’m me and I don’t want to conform to any worldly voices who say I need to act in certain ways.

Being a woman in God’s kingdom is about being a tough and ready warrior balanced with feminine grace and dignity.

It’s called being a feminine warrior. 🙂 Are you one, too?



13 thoughts on “A Feminine Warrior

  1. I totally DIG British Boys, Sparkles (unless it is on a vampire…bleck), Jane Austin, and Tea cups, but what makes me unique, is, I’ll drink Tea in a vintage teacup, while playing a video game. I’ll wear heels, and go watch Star Wars. I’ll write a Fan Fic about Jane Austin’s characters being on the Enterprise.

    I stand in the middle.

    The best of both girls!

  2. I’m somwhere in the middle. I would take sneakers over high heels ANY DAY! =D (and I’m short,m too, so I should like high heels more lol), but I have no problem wearing pretty pink dresses (and guys with British accents are awesome–but if you don’t think so, that’s perfectly fine 🙂 ) So, I guess I’m a feminie warrior, too 🙂

  3. Really cool post! 😀 I don’t know why some people think that Star Wars is for only guys and geeks!? I think it can appeal anyone! Same goes for comic book movies and sci-fi in general. 🙂


    1. I know. I suppose some people think most girls would only be interested in regency or romance. I agree, they can appeal to anyone, especially when they are well written (or filmed). 🙂


  4. I like tea in teacups… but since everyone in England does that, I think I’m okay. :p Jane Austen adaptations? I enjoy them, but I’m not nuts over them. Accents? Don’t get me started! I love accents!! I will, however, take an accent anywhere I can get it – man, woman, boy, girl, baby… and Scottish are better than English accents anyway! ;P

    Macaroons and cupcakes… Hmm… I eat them if they’re around, but we rarely have them around, so… I don’t wear makeup at all, unless I’m in a film at this point, I wear some jewelry, not a ton, I usually spend my money on books/soundtracks or something educational… I do love vintage clothing – but it really does depend on the style. I don’t wear a lot of lace, and bows are usually pretty rare.

    And then you know, that I like “Sergeant York” and playing freeze tag, and while I don’t want to be filthy, I’ll get dirty in the line of duty and be just fine. 😀

    After this odd comment…

    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. Meant to add, got distracted and forgot that the point of my comment was; I try to be a feminine warrior too, as long as the “warrior” part is applying to be a warrior for the King of Kings. I’m not planning to become a soldier… just a warrior with my Bible, frying pan, pen, vacuum and diaper bag in my arsenal of weapons! 😀

  5. Just had to add… I. Love. This.

    Yep- I was digging around in the Confidential Cases and Secret Files. ~Faith

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