Film Score Friday

How To Train Your Dragon. One of the hugest things that stand out about this film is it’s soundtrack. So, I’ll be sharing four of my favorites. I don’t have much to say, because the music says it all on it’s own. This is a must-listen soundtrack for any movie-score loving people out there!

This is Berk: the first track on the CD, and probably the most awesome. It’s mostly an epic, charging track with a beautiful beginning!

Test Drive: another one of those epic tracks.

Romantic Flight…. this for all us girls who have even a little bit of a soft heart. Sooooo beautiful, I’d love to learn how to play this on the keyboard.

New Tail: my personal favorite. The ending . . . .is epicness.


11 thoughts on “Film Score Friday

    1. Yes, you are right, it is! It’s especially good for listening to during action or battles, ect! I especially like listening to these when I’m developing scenes in my head.


  1. The soundtrack is good. It is kind of a mix of Bravheart and something else I can’t seem to think of at this time.
    Brvaeheart soundtrack.


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