They’ll Never Change

I was thinking about how much things have changed. I was thinking about all those precious girls at our last church and thinking how much they’ve grown up. I was thinking about how time has moved on, how we’re no longer seeing each other, how we’ve grown apart because of time and 60 miles. The change. And our dear cousins; the two kids I was closest with for most of my childhood. We’re all very different now. We’re going down different paths. We dress differently, we talk differently; we’ve changed. Everything has changed.

But the memories are still there. I still remember running through the corn maze at Young’s Farm with my cousins, screaming, shrieking, laughing together before going on a hayride. Happy faces, giggles, hay sticking to our pant legs, the world being a simple place. I still remember racing across the green belt in my long skirt, playing Freeze Tag with my church friends. The hard and heavy breathing, the grabbing of hands, the shrieks of laughter; a sense of peace as a Sunday’s sun set in the west and our gang of church kids dragging back up the street for much needed water.

I never see my cousins or old church friends anymore.

But I still have the memories. They’ll always be there and they’ll never change . . .



11 thoughts on “They’ll Never Change

  1. It is unfortunate that you can’t see your friends and cousins anymore. 😦 I have always had two best friends for basically my whole life (since I was 8). And my little brother (Jacob). Fortunatly I haven’t had to move from my home since I was 6.


    1. We haven’t moved either; it’s only everyone we know who has! Well, our cousins haven’t moved but we’re on such different paths of life that it’s just hard to see each other anymore. 😦 And yeah, like you have Jacob, I’ll always have Kayla! 🙂


  2. I’m sorry you don’t get to see your cousins any more. I don’t really know what that’s like, because all my cousins live within a 20 mile radius. But they have changed, and so have some of my friends. I’m so thankful for memories–like you said, they’ll never change. Memories are probably some of God’s greatest gifts!

    1. Yes, they’re the one way to hang on to things that can no longer be. 🙂 How fun to have everyone so close! I have about twelve cousins, but only the two live here in the same STATE! O__O


  3. Thank you for sharing this part of your life, a sad thing for you, when you are usually upbeat. Sad it has to be this way, for cousins. I love my cousins too!!

    1. Thank you, Maria. Sad but not despairing. 🙂 Yes, I wish it could be different with my extended family, especially since we grew up together.


  4. DON’T say “never”, because I fully intend to see you all again!!

    I love memories, but sometimes the best of memories make me depressed. Isn’t that silly? They almost always make great chapters in my books though! 😀


    1. I hope to you see you again too!!!!! Especially if your family moves up where we live (for a change, instead of in the opposite direction!)

      Yes, yes, great book chapters in deed! 😉


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