My Mind Thinks of Funny Things on Saturday

*pauses thinking for a second* THIS IS HILARIOUS!

Anyway, back to what I was originally thinking; when I was little, I didn’t have many moments where I thought there were monsters in my room. I didn’t picture monsters in my head and I normally could go to sleep easily. But there were times (I think I went through phases) where I suddenly need a nightlight to sleep peacefully. It was just easier being able to see everything in the room. Than there were phases were I got over my fears and slept in pitch darkness.

Who else has done the thing where you feel safe if your blanket completely covers you? “Whew, no monster can get me! I’m under my brown, fuzzy blanket! Sweet bliss!” LOL I’m all grown up, but I still have creepy moments. I sleep on a top bunk, so I have to jump up and swing my legs over the rail to get in bed. And there are the rare times, usually if I”m the last one to retire and I’ve had to turn all the lights off downstairs and walk about in the dark, I’ll get the silly notion that I have to jump up fast enough so no ugly demon can grab me as I flip over my railing! Isn’t that silly?! 🙂

Thank the Lord He gave me my fuzzy blanket!

I’ve been saving money from my job and I’m getting ready to order a few more things off of Amazon. I’m getting the Iron Man soundtrack and I’m thinking about that Iron Man shirt. But than I’ve been wanting to get the shirt that says, “Trust me, I’m a Jedi” for quite some time as well. I’ll have to make up my mind today…

How my friends and I act during field games:

Every. single. time. “CHARGE! oh my gosh. RETREAT!” I love that gif so much. It’s one of my favorites.


Kayla and I have this problem. This results in own said shield, a squishy hammer, and an Iron Man wrist/arm thing that shoots little darts. We treasure them. XD

Most of the ‘Socially Awkward Penguin’ memes describe my entire childhood. LIKE, MY WHOLE LIFE. The entire life of a now seventeen year old ‘social butterfly’. Thankfully, I can read all the ‘Socially Awkward Pegnuin’ memes and just laugh at them. Thank heaves I’m finally growing older than my minor problems. 🙂 Read a few below for some problems that I really did face (and still face).

I still do some of these. Especially that horrible mailman one. *races back into house* “The mailman’s still out there!!!” *is having heart attack* Kayla and I did this a lot when we were little because we couldn’t tell if the his truck had gone because our mailbox is out of sight from our front door. So. Yeah.

So, we were socially awkward girls, but Kayla and I did this all the time when we were little. Especially if there was a TV screen there so we could see ourselves. We waved, made faces, danced, spun. I think we only understood that we could see oursleves and not that we were being recorded. When we now see a security camera? “Oh my gosh, HIDE!” And than we worry that we look suspicious.

Please don’t tell me we’re the only ones that do this.

And I would say sorry for the really rambled post, but I’m not. So there.



7 thoughts on “My Mind Thinks of Funny Things on Saturday

  1. LOL! Good rambled post! I agree I don’t think I ever feared monsters…but I just feared the dark in general. I LOVE MY BLANKET!
    I think you should get a Pepper shirt. Pepper is so cool. After all, I have a Pepper outfit. 😉
    Push is SOO CUTE! AND FUNNY!
    Ohhh yeeaahh! I LOVE OUR AVENGERS STUFF!
    *blushes* Awkward Penguins….I am so guilty of that.
    Yup if I see a security camera nowadays I hide behind you. LOL!

    1. Good rambly comment! I love those kinds! 😀

      Oh my goodness, you hide behind me??! We must look even more suspicious than I thought…

      I don’t think there are any shirts of Pepper… sadly…


  2. HAHA this made me laugh. Especially “say goodbye and start walking the same way.” Yeah… I can relate to all the awkward penguin memes, too. LOL

  3. Those are funny. Some of them are for me but I am not a social person. I have waved at one of those cameras, but now I am a litte paranoid about have my face on camera, when the evil Communist Obama goverment takes over. LOL 😀 And awesome Iron Man shirt!


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