The Phantom Menace

I got to see my first Star Wars movie on the big screen!! Whoohoo! I was so excited! But, let’s start at the beginning… *in singing voice–suddenly* A very good place to start! When you read you begin with ABC, when you sing you begin with Doe-Ray-Me. . .

Okay, that was a little weird. Moving on…

So, Dad took Kayla and I together last night for the 7:10 showing. We rushed, because Dad and I like to watch the previews at the beginning. I was hoping against hope that they’d play the Avengers trailer, because that would have been spine-chilling to see IN 3D, but alas, they didn’t.

I did see the new Spider Man movie trailer (I’d watched that a few times already on YouTube), but it was much more amazing on the wide screen and in 3D. Now I really want to see that movie (the odds are against me though.) The Three Stooges trailer looked hilarious and the film John Carter piqued my interest immenstly.

There were only like ten other people there; with only one other woman. The rest were guys. Kayla and I started giggling during the commercials because all the guys were just talking and than a car commercial came on and it got dead silent. I turned and whispered, “Notice how quiet it got when we get to the car commercial?” And we just cracked up. There is something about men and motors…

And than: DUN, DUN, DUN DUUUUUH; IT STARTED! I was so thrilled to see the Star Wars logo float off in space right there all huge in front of me! Every Star Wars fan needs to feel that thrill once in their lifetime!

Best part of the whole movie? ^These^ dudes right here. BEST. PART. END. OF. STORY. They make such a good team—Obi-Wan is that young, inspiring lad who’s striving to do his best. And Qui-Gon is one of the uniquest of the Jedi because he’s so out of the box.

I like Obi-Wan’s short hair best. Just sayin’.

The 3D was cool; it gave the film depth, and there were a couple scenes that were really neat.

This fight was AMAZING on the big screen. It was huge and loud and epic. *heavenly choir singing* I have no words to describe it. It was just simply amazing.

Darth Maul: closest thing to a demon. I’m a fan of his and HE. DIED. END. OF. STORY. I don’t care what the Clone Wars team says; there is no way he survived being sliced in half and than falling down that huge shaft. No way. I love Darth Maul and I love him dead. He died. Please no arguing. I’m a stubborn young lady.

So, it was a great experience! I aim to see the next five in theaters if and when they come out too. 🙂

Sorry it took forever to get this up today. I was busy this morning, went out to lunch with Mom, dropped a birthday present off for Dylan, watched nearly a two hour show of “Christy” and walked the dogs. 🙂 So, it’s been a busy day. I’m ready to relax tonight. 🙂





8 thoughts on “The Phantom Menace

  1. I remember that car commercial. Too bad there weren’t more of them.. those guys behind us were being rather loud. LOL!
    Awesome post and good pictures! I agree that Darth Maul is dead but I am going to enjoy the CW’s little game for now. 😉 So yeah basically just seeing on the big screen was a huge thrill but the 3D was extra fun!

    1. They were loud, but at least they were quiet during the movie. Well, except when Artoo first appeared on the screen; I heard one of them hiss, “ARTOO!” LOL

      Well, yes, we can enjoy the episodes, but it still ridiculous.


      1. LOL!


        And btw that Sound of Music quote at the beginning made me laugh. LOL

  2. Star Wars in 3D….Awesome!!! I wish I could have gone to see it. Cool pictures and gifs.

    Man Law #46: Every Manly Man must like just about anything with a motor.


  3. I want to see the Star Wars in 3D so bad. Especially “Revenge of the Sith”. Cuz that would just be epic. I didn’t realize that The Phantom Menace was out already! I’ll have to go see it sometime!

    1. Yes, it’s been out since the tenth!

      Yeah, Revenge of the Sith out be BEYOND epic on the big screen! And I would love to see the Originals up there too.


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