Writing, Reading and Arithma–wait, I’m not doing math right now…

One of my goals for this year is to get back to working on my full length novels. I have two which need to be completed. One being because I started it over a year ago and the other is my NaNoWriMo novel, which I would like to have completed before the next NaNoWriMo competition comes around in November. I’m glad to say I haven’t stopped writing completely, as I’ve worked on several very short stories, including The City Series. These stories in particular are precious to me because they recount the hilarious and most enjoyable evenings we’ve had with our new church friends. I have even begun the third part of The City Series, though it’s name is not yet decided upon. Even Dylan asked about it on Sunday and even said, “Make sure you keep me in a good light!” (he is ‘Will’ in my stories). I’m looking forward to completing the story and letting him read it. His feedback is always encouraging. Besides The City Series, I’m considering the idea of recounting our Cops and Robbers games, because those times are too fun to forget. Other short stories with my reproduced versions of my new, dear friends might follow sometime.

I’ve been reading a lot more lately. Between Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie, I’m happily getting my fill of detectives, mystery and murder. I reread a lot of the Sherlock Holmes stories and even some new ones. My new favorite, besides the good ol’ Mystery of the Speckled Band and Red Headed League, is The Sign of Four. I’m also reading one of Agatha Christie’s short story collections, called Poirot Investigates. Most of them I’ve already seen in film form, but I’ve enjoyed rediscovering the same mysteries in book form. Indeed, reading stories with Hercule Poirot in them should certainly stretch my french vocabulary (DISCLAIMER: I didn’t say Poirot was French. He’s Belgian. And only Poirot fans will truly understand how funny that statement is. ;D ).

Like the title says, I am not studying math right now, as Mom needs to order new books. So, I’ll talk about the 365 Photography Challenge instead. I haven’t missed a single day, though I’ve missed posting the actual photographs up on the photography blog on the correct days. Anyway, the challenge has been very good for me and I’ve been able to get creative with my photo shoots with Princess. Like throwing those hearts on the ground for Valentine’s Day. Princess has grown so much but she still a spunky kitten. She’s even climbed up on top of our travel trailer!! Dad had to get out his ladder to help her out! She also has an infatuation with water. She always runs over when she hears the hose being turned on, and she doesn’t mind getting her paws wet. I’ve even sprayed her with water but she doesn’t often run away. I wonder what would happen if she saw a pool?


5 thoughts on “Writing, Reading and Arithma–wait, I’m not doing math right now…

  1. I have several writing goals this year too… When you e-mail me, remind me to tell you about them! lol I suppose I could do a blog post about them… that actually might be a good idea…

    I like “The Sign of the Four”… if it’s the story that I’m remembering. Is that the one where Doctor Watson meets his future wife? (I’m thinking it is – and I remember that one clearly. Usually I know the title for certain too!!)


    To the KING be all the glory!

    1. Oh! and I meant to add… I wish I were doing arithmetic, instead of just teaching it. I like teaching it, but I miss having my own problems to do!! 😀

      1. LOL, Meh… Math is okay. There are those “Yes! I get it!” days and other days of just “ARG, burn this book!” LOL


    2. Yes, that’s the one! I was very excited about that part of the story, though I thought it was a little silly how easily they fell for each other. At the same time, I didn’t mind, because I already knew that they got married and all. It was a good story; Dylan and I laugh because it’s ‘extraordinary’ how Watson can remember all the conversations and long stories, especially the ones he recounts in The Sign of the Four. 😛


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