Movie Challenge: Day five

Day 21 – The most overrated movie :

I’m not saying Tangled is a horrible movie or anything. It’s just…. very overrated. Like. Very.

Day 22 – The most underrated movie:

The Rescuers is one of the most endearing Disney films I’ve ever seen, but I feel as though I’m the only one on earth who actually knows that it exists! Yes, this is one of my Disney favorites.
Day 23 – Your favorite character from any movie:

Chewbacca and Han Solo. Notice I mentioned Chewie first….
Day 24 – Favorite documentary :

The Star of Bethlehem; I saw it a while ago but I remember being very fascinated. This is also the only documentary I can remember, though I know I’ve seen lots….
Day 25 – A movie that no one would expect you to love :

Pilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven is a modern retelling to our family’s favorite story, Pilgrim’s progress. I think I was the only member of the family who actually enjoyed this film and when I announced later that I had, everyone said, “Really?” in surprise. I even asked for it for a birthday present. I love the story of Pilgrim’s Progress; I’ve listened the audio books a million times and yet I learn something new each time. The different film versions are all different, but my favorite part from every retelling is Christian’s fight with Appolyon.The cartoon movie we have is monotonous to say the least, but even that version gives me chills.



2 thoughts on “Movie Challenge: Day five

  1. I know what you mean about Tangled…;) haha.
    The rescuers is pretty funny. I like Pilgrims Progress, it’s very good and very thought provoking.

  2. “The Rescuers” sounds familial… I may have watched it when I was a kid.Big tumbs up for Han Chewie(or Chewie and Han)! I think I have read some of “Pilgrim’s Progress” in school but I never heard of a movie.


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