Super 8: A Film Review

Super 8. It’s  the summer of 1979 and Joe and his group of friends have plans of finishing their amateur zombie movie to send in to a film festival. But during a midnight outing to film another needed scene at an out-of-town train station, they’re nearly killed when a truck derails an on coming train. While they’re unaware of the secret the train conceals, their little super 8 camera, left running during the accident, captures something horrifying through it’s lens. But what ‘it’ is, they will find out in other.. scary measures.

This is a science fiction horror movie, not appropriate for young children for frightening images and for the amount of swearing in this film. I saw an edited version which took out all swearing, making the conversations much nicer to listen too. However, the frightening images, sudden scares and the entire suspense effect (which thrilled me!) is not for children younger twelve. I do not recommend this film unedited because of the swearing. And if you can see the edited version, still take caution in that you might miss a few nights sleep afterwards.

And, of course, spoilers lurk ahead. 🙂

Mom and Dad saw this together on a date night at the theaters last summer, and I’ve been wanting to see it since. Dad bought our edited version for Christmas, and last week the three of us turned off nearly all the lights in the house, wound up our sound system and watched this together (Nathan was in bed, and Kayla chilled out upstairs watching Captain America). Frankly, this was my face (exaggerated slightly) during the entire thing: 8–O

The effects: amazing. The suspense: amazing (I was riveted to my seat). The plot: amazing. The subplots: amazing (I loved how even little things tied in by the end!) The characters: amazing. It was all-around awesome—and I can say that because I didn’t hear a single swear word.

The SUSPENSE was tremendous and I enjoyed every moment of it. I had a hard time eating my dessert after a while because my body was so tight. I hated how long them kept us from seeing ‘it, though. I wanted to see the ugliness face to face, whatever it was. So I enjoyed that part of the film quite a bit.

There were some HILARIOUS moments: “Drugs are SO bad!” and “Your obsession with fireworks concerns me . . . and my mother.” Humor helped balance everything else a bit, so that was great!

As to violence… well, of course there was violence. I don’t remember much blood being shown, though. Some of the effects the kids used for their zombie movie was rather gross but very fake looking at the same time. Most of the violence played into the suspense, because they didn’t show it all. People getting grabbed by ‘it’ from behind, seeing huge things being thrown in the air by ‘it’, ect. Of course, the climax to where we finally saw ‘it’ face to face was horrify to say the least, but I actually liked seeing the monster.

The characters were great. The kids’ (cleaned) conversation was hilarious banter and bickering which I could relate too; it sounded very real. Joe was a great character; so was Alice, Charles, Karey.. all of them, actually. They all played off each other well. What they went through together was just breathtaking. When the climax was coming on and they were splitting up, one hurt and others racing off to rescue a certain someone, I had this thought run through my head. “These kids are going to inseparable after this and are going to be best friends for life.” It was just a ‘WOW’ moment.

I loved Charles and his dedication to filming his movie: he reminded me of Kayla and Daryck and their fascination for amateur film making. “I’m just trying to direct!” He was Joe’s best friend, and his home and family was almost like Joe’s second dwelling place. He had a crazy busy family; which reminds me: his older sister Jennifer wore immodest clothing and brought on questions from the interested, local store clerk. I was, however, very pleased that this small part of the movie wasn’t just thrown in there, but ended up being part of the plot. Thumbs up to that! Still, they could have gotten the same story effect and had her stomach covered up at the same time… :-\

I didn’t like Alice at first (come on, we first meet her illegally driving her dad’s car!) but she ended up being a sweet girl who had lost a parent just like Joe, and was suffering in a broken family just like him. The two’s obvious attraction to each other was awkward in places, but at least it ‘tied in’ by the end. It could have been worse. Speaking of Joe and Alice: their two dads had their own subplot which worked out to be really cool by the end!

I really enjoyed the character of Joe’s father. Not only was he awesome in action, but he was also a deputy! The word and role of ‘deputy’ has new meaning to me because I’m “Sheriff” Dylan’s deputy in our games. So I LOVED seeing a main character that actually was called ‘deputy’ to his face. Even though he and Joe didn’t understand each other, they finally bonded by the end and you could tell they still really cared for each other.

Little things I liked:

What I liked a lot about this movie was that is was all about these kids trying to film their own movie! The end credits ran their completed film, which was hilarious to watch! Like I already said, I loved all the little subplots which were woven in by the end! Oh, a song that was played on a car stereo nearly made me laugh out loud, because it was “Freak Out!” which played for Ken and his clothes show during Toy Story 3! Yep, that’s the one! I go so excited! “It’s Ken’s song!” LOL The train wreck scene was awesome. Charles’ older sister was acted by one of the girls who played in Secretariat, so I loved seeing a familiar face.

Little things I disliked:

The guy who drove his truck into the train was still alive after it was all over and his head was busted open and he had blood all over his face. That was just… yeck. Jennifer and her bare stomach wasn’t appreciated, but thankfully her scenes were very short. The air force made a pest of themselves during the movie and there was one scene were they were ‘evacuating’ everyone out of town; there was an aerial shot from above of all these people being moved into a big enclosure, and all I’m thinking during that shot is, “Nazis concentration camps”. Of course, that wasn’t what it was, but I quickly got the idea that they were trying to control everyone.. and that’s not good. And, one of the boys throws up twice… yeck again.

Overall, I enjoyed this cleaned version very much and all the scares and suspence. I REALLY want to watch it again soon, too. Like, REALLY soon.

If you’ve seen Super 8, what are your opinions? 😀


8 thoughts on “Super 8: A Film Review

  1. Heh. It looks like something for 80’s people. Good review.
    And that was so much fun watching Captain America alone- it was like AAAAMMMMAAAAZZZZZZZIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

  2. Good reviw. Interesting, I never really thought of Super 8 as being a horror movie. But I really can’t think of many horror movies I have seen other than Jaws. I liked the movie. It would probably make my Top 10 of Last Year.


      1. It sounds cool to me, except I don’t think I’ll be able to get an edited version.
        I don’t think it looks like a horror movie, but more like suspense.
        I love Jaws! <—– Dun dun. DUN dun. Dundundundundun…..

        ~ Diana

  3. What is the time era of the film set in? It looks either 50’s, or 80’s. Possibly even 60’s… I’m not sure though from the pictures.

    Looks interesting! I probably won’t see it, especially any time soon, but it looks quite interesting! You didn’t have too many spoilers either. 🙂

    To the KING be all the glory!

      1. I *almost* said 70’s. I changed my mind when I saw the blond girl’s coat. lol


        To the KING be all the glory!

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