To My Future Love

Another Valentine’s Day comes and will soon go; I will have my dear little brother to hug and kiss all day, because that’s what brothers are there for. But my heart still wait for the one who God has picked out for me.

May he have courage to fight evil, like Robin Hood,

a self-sacrificing heart, like Steve Roger’s,

the manliness of Thor,

as strong a sense of protection for his family, like Ben-Hur,

the will to save others like Luke Skywalker,

the wit and bravery of Han Solo,

the grit to do good, like John Wayne,

the will to fight his temptations, like Dude,

a tender place in his heart for me and our future family, like Pa,

and, most of all,

a heart to serve God and others before himself.


I love you so much; where ever you are.


9 thoughts on “To My Future Love

    1. I’m glad! I watched Little House on the Prairie all the time when I was young, but it wasn’t until I became a teenager that I really saw what an amazing man Pa really was!!!!!


  1. Jamie, this is great!
    “Some day your prince will come, someday he’ll marry you, and away…!”
    I can sing the tune from Snow White, but can’t get the lyrics.
    Blessings, dear!

  2. Robin Hood–oh Errol Flynn is amazing 🙂 Have you seen the BBC version of Robin Hood? It’s a tv show. I’m quite addicted to it =D

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