Movie Meme: Part Two

Day 06 – Your favorite comedy movie :

A Christmas Story. Hands down one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen! “Fra-gile-ly! Ah! That must be Italian!” “I think it says ‘fragile’, dear.” BEST COMEDY EVER!
Day 07 – A movie that makes you happy:

Blind Side: I’ve only seen this once, but everytime I think about it, I get a very happy feeling. It’s a sad movie, but enlightening, hearty and just down-right wholesome Christianity being lived out to the best of one woman’s ability. I love her gutsiness equaled with her feminine charm. I was left with such a happy feeling at the end of this one. Maybe I should review it…
Day 08 – A movie that makes you sad:

Courageous: No doubt about it, this one is a very sad film–but with some punch in it! If you haven’t seen this, than hurry up and do, because EVERYONE needs to see this film, especially guys. It’s got a very strong Christian message that is refreshing, it’s very well made, it has an awesome plot and some VERY funny parts.
Day 09 – A movie that you know practically the whole script of:

Star Wars: A New Hope. Don’t test me. But I’m feel so familiar with this particular one that it sure feels like I know the whole script. 😀
Day 10 – Your favorite director:

George Lucas. He created Star Wars. ‘Nuff said.

PS. I’m working on the Super 8 review; I’m hoping to post it either this afternoon or tomorrow. 🙂


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