30 Question Movie Meme

Wheeeeee!! This is going to be awesome! I’ll be doing this just like the Star Wars one, five questions per day. *giddy laugh* Does anyone know if an Avenger one exists? Maybe I’ll think up some questions to make one. Anyone want to collaborate, preferably someone who’s seen them all, including Hulk? (is thinking of James, hint hint)

Day 01 – Your favorite movie

These are among my top favorite films (Empire Strikes Back is there to symbolize all three Original films).
Day 02 – The last movie you watched:

Super 8! Saw it last Friday night!! *Cheers*
Day 03 – Your favorite action/adventure movie

Star Wars is my favorite action/adventure movie, although more sci-fi. 😀 I’ve not seen many action movies.
Day 04 – Your favorite horror haven’t seen one romance movie:

One Night With the King is the only ‘romance’ movie I think I’ve seen (our family watches mostly detective/mystery/suspense type stuff). But I really enjoyed this movie: THE COSTUMES ARE AH-MAZ-ING!

Day 05 – Your favorite drama movie:

Anne of Avonlea is my favorite drama movie (probably one of the only few I’ve seen). It’s such a long movie but the plot twists are great, the characters are fun, and the humor that’s there is hilarious! 🙂



9 thoughts on “30 Question Movie Meme

  1. Great choice of movies! Star Wars will always be the best. I have recently watched Ben-Hur. It was really good. 🙂 About The Avengers 30 challenge: I have a few ideas and I couldn’t find any else who has done it. I wanted to know if you wanted to talk it about through e-mail? I think it would be easier that way. I now have a public e-mail address, which I will be posting tomorrow, here it is if you are interested.


    I named it after my Star Wars character Johnny Starslayer.


    1. Yes, email would work! I’ll send you one soon!! Thanks, we should have fun doing this!

      LOVE your Star Wars name! Mine is Ji Solo—I’m so much like Han Solo that Kayla said I could be his sister! XD


  2. *puts hand on heart*

    That Robin Hood.

    Know who I love the best on there? Basil Rathbone as Sir guy. I am like an asgajhdgjhafdhja fan of Basil M’love. I wont even go into the girly things I’ve written in my journal about him.

    Oh, I have a question:
    What is the site where your family buys edited movies? We have been trying to find a place that we can buy movies from just like that, and haven’t had any luck…until I remembered you saying that the movies y’all buy are edited…Please?


      Yes, yes, of course! Let me find out real quick **************** Here it is! 🙂 Good Media Hope you guys can use it! It’s worked pretty good so far. At least, not a single swear word as come through. 😀


  3. The Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea films will always have a soft spot in my heart! Have you ever read LM Montgomery’s books? I think you would enjoy them. 🙂

      1. Yes, she wrote an eight book series focused on Anne and her family, as well as a number of other series. They’re sweet stories, and they’ve become classics for a reason. You should give them a try sometime!

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