Iron Man 2: A Film Review

Tony Stark is back in the lime lights, now basking the fame and glory which his feats in the Iron Man suit have claimed. However, the world peace which he and his suit have helped make, is fast crashing because of his and the government’s lack of awareness that someone also knew how to build the suits. Tony will have to brave new threats and his own arc reactor to remain alive.

*Spoilers are forever lurking, though I don’t think I give out huge ones. So be on the guard if you’re very serious about watching this movie*

Tony Stark returns!!! And sadly, so does his jerkish attitude. I know a lot of people get upset over how self-filled he is, but honestly, I wasn’t a bit surprised that Tony had returned to his normal self. He may of done good works, but when one is not cleansed in the changing power of Jesus, than sooner or later, people will slip back into their old ways. Tony is still very much a hero in many respects but he’s also a very lost sinner who needs saving. Anyway, past that fact, I enjoy Tony’s character quite a lot, actually. He’s got a fun sense of humor and seeing him interact with other people is fun!

Also returning is the amazing Pepper Potts. Seriously, I haven’t liked a female lead this much since Princess Leia. She’s calm, she knows what needs to be done, she can completely handle Mr Tony, the Can-Be-Difficult, and she can speak her mind without sounding sassy. She’s a a great feminine role model and I can’t bear to think that I could be a less of a helpmeet to my future husband as she was to Tony Stark. Seriously. I honestly don’t think Tony doesn’t really understand what a jewel he’s got. To keep from rambling further, just know that Pepper is a new role model of mine and that she’s my favorite Marvel female character. 😀 😀 😀

Okay, onto other characters.

This guy. WHAT A CREEP! Oh my gosh, what a CREEP! An excellent villain who I didn’t like at all; this guy was covered from head to toe in tattooes, he had this chilling calmness that just go on my nerves… but his whiplash thing was super cool.

Enter Nick Fury, director of SHIELD. He has great quotes and his leather jacket is beyond amazing. So is his eye patch. He let Tony know where the lines were drawn. He’s pretty cool.

Oooh. I’ve waited  A LONG time to see Black Widow in action. This. girl. rocks. I love her fighting skills and absolute coolness in the thick of action. She’s level headed and focused. Her fight scene in the hallway is very amazing: I loved seeing her physical fighting and also all the gadgets she used to bring down the bad guys. I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE HER RETURN IN THE AVENGERS!

There was a lot more immodesty in this film than the other (in fact, more than in any other Marvel film I’ve seen). We have to be careful about that aspect of movies, and there was just too much for us to be comfortable. Even Natasha (Black Widow) wore too many revealing dresses (she even changed in the back of a car! 8-O) So, that’s a big minus.

I did enjoy the plot, even though it felt a little weak. Subplots were cool. Finally hearing about the Avengers was awesome. Tony and Pepper are in a “stable-ish” relationship now! XD *Squeeeeee* They’d better get their game together in Iron Man 3!

The racecar/fight scene: BEST PART OF MOVIE! What an epic fight!!!!!!!!!!

One aspect I REALLY loved was the multi-generational vision which was presented throughout the film. It was small but there, loud and clear. In the beginning, Tony says that it’s all about leaving a legacy to the future children of America. And *SPOILERS* discovers a videotaped message from Howard Stark to him, in which his father tells him that he depended on Tony to continue his work with the advanced technology and that out of all his creations, Tony is his greatest. I was so happy during that scene, I could have cried.

So, overall it was good, but nothing compared to the first Iron Man. For all it’s downfalls, it’s got some worthy stuff in it too. I wouldn’t recommend for younger kids. 🙂

Now, for my usual swamp of pictures. If you stick to the end, you’ll also discover a bonus video which I couldn’t wait to share. It has nothing to do with Iron Man, actually, but with my new favorite Shield Agent, Coulson. 😀 Considering Agent Coulson is in both Iron Man movies, I think it’s okay to share on this post. XD


And here’s the short: Something Funny Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer:

Love. It. Nuff. Said. Go, SHEILD!



6 thoughts on “Iron Man 2: A Film Review

  1. Love all your pictures. And you do so much better explaining how you feel than I do.. ugg. I TOTALLY agree about Black Widow. That’s how I feel too!
    OMgoodness! That Agent Couslon thing totally changes how I think about him! Why isn’t it in one of the movies for goodness sake!

    1. Well, it just takes practice. You do much better film reviews than I do, actually. They feel more professional. I”m just, “I just LUUUV this person and that part was SO COOL, blaw, blaw, blaw”. LOL

      Yes, now that I’ve seen him in action, I think he’s pretty neat!


  2. Good review! 🙂 I agree it wasn’t is the same realm of greatness as the first Iron Man but it is a mostly satisfying sequel.I liked it but not as much as the first two Spider-Man movies. I like the fact that Tony is kind of a jerk. It makes him different from other heroes. I like Iron Man the character more than Thor but I think I like Thor the movie more than Iron Man 1. I hope that makes sense. 🙂 And have you seen the other “Marvel One Shot”? I didn’t think it came on DVD only the Blu-Ray of Thor. It doesn’t make as much sense unless you have seen Hulk but it is still interesting.


    1. Haha, yes you made sense. I actually think I enjoyed the movie Iron Man more than the Movie Thor, but Thor is certainly more of a ‘real hero’ type guy than Tony. And yeah, Tony just wouldn’t be Tony without being a jerk; he being a jerk didn’t actually get me too much, so I didn’t mind.

      No, I haven’t! I only stumbled over this one by accident while on Tumblr. Yeah, we haven’t seen Hulk yet; I’m not sure that we will either. Maybe sometime I’ll just look it up on You Tube and watch it there or something . . . What’s the other One Shot called?


      1. I looked for the video and unfortunately th.e only one I could find some of it was in Spanish but most of it only has Spanish titles. Some of it is a flash back to the after credits ending of The Incredible Hulk with Tony Stark, which Tony is speaking Spanish. Unfortunately no has uploaded the after credits of Hulk but someone made a animated verison using little figures but it also used the audio from the original I know this might sound ridiculous but it is the only way I could find it. It won’t make a lot of sense since you haven’t seen The Hulk movie but if you have any questions please ask and I will try to answer. 🙂

        Here is the animated verison of the after credits of Hulk

        Here is the Marvel One Shot


      2. Thanks SO MUCH for finding them for me, James! I’ve watched both (I loved Tony’s little appearance). When I have time (We’re racing out the door for the church’s ladies fellowship breakfast), I’ll try timing them so that I can play the English version over the Spanish! LOL! 😀


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