A Sweet Award

A big thank you to James for awarding me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!!!!!!!!

The rule is to list seven random things about myself; so here we go:

1. I have a growing fascination for graphic shirts; they’re such a fun way to share my love for certain things. 🙂 I personally own six Star Wars graphic shirts.

2. I love just about anything purple or pink.

3. My favorite sport to play when I was younger was soccer. Now that I’m older, anything played outdoors is considered a sport, and the new favorite is “Cops and Robbers”. (hint hint to Mom to invite the B family over again so we can do another round!) (except we are seeing them this Saturday… but we’ll be playing City…)

4. I asked little brother Nathan to be my Valentine this year…. he said yes, “but no kissing”. XD Last year’s Valentine had been the neighbor dog, so at least this is a step up. 8-|

5. I have had a real pen pal. We wrote back and forth for about four to five years! We no longer write, though. We email! LOL!

6. I (along with my sister) have among our friends, made a name for ourselves. “Star Wars Geeks”. It’s pretty official. And I’m not sorry about it at all.

7. I’m an unofficial Jedi-Master. Kayla considers me her Qui-Gon, which is cool, because of the six Star Wars Personality tests, one of them was him (the other was Palpatine 😯 and the four others were Han Solo. XD) I’m much more like Han Solo than Qui-Gon, but hey! At least Kayla won’t have a boring Master . . .

I think just about everyone has gotten this award, so I’ll only pass it on to those who comment on this post! 🙂

Sorry I didn’t have the Iron Man 2 review done today. I had planned to write it this morning, but got sucked into watching behind-the-scenes for the first Iron Man on You Tube instead….  this video below is one of them. It’s the coolest thing ever; it show’s how they filmed the scenes of him learning to fly. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “A Sweet Award

  1. The Patriots vs Giants picture is hilarious! 😀 Thanks for posting the behind the scenes of Iron Man. I have not bought the Blu-Ray yet so this should be good. And the Star Wars picture is cool!


    1. There are several other behind-the-scenes videos, too, just so you know! They’re all awesome!!!!

      Yes, I really laughed at the football/Avenger pic! I would SO watch football if it was like that! XD


  2. Hahahahahah! I love random posts like this! The Iron Man video looks awesome I will have to finish watching it later though. I don’t know why, but you and I just remind me of Qui Gon and Obi…. *sigh* I wish I could graduate to Jedi Knight soon.

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