Our Beauty and the Beast 3D Experience

So, yay! Kayla and I got to go to the theaters by ourselves for the first time ever and the movie we saw was my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast… in 3D! We were very excited and it was a fun sister-sister date. It was actually a reward for doing great while Mom and Dad were gone over the weekend. It’s kind of official that we’re definitely big girls now. We stayed home by ourselves for over fortytwo hours and behaved beautifully at the theaters. Yes. It’s official.

Mom dropped the two of us off at the front of Harkins and waited to make sure we got our tickets fine (I wasn’t sure if I had enough money in my purse!) and that we got inside the door safely. I wasn’t nervous at all, actually. The guy behind the glass wasn’t a creep and handed us our 3D glasses right trough the window.  We got our tickets, waved at Mom and trooped inside.

Inside was empty, which wasn’t surprising because the parking lot was also very empty. Than again, it was the middle of the day on a Thursday…. so….

Anyway, we got a cup of sprite before we headed for our theater. We had smuggled in water and boxes of Junior Mints in our purses already, so we didn’t need to get snacks. (Kayla actually sneaked in her own popcorn too!) LOL

We had the entire theater to ourselves. We got settled in the very middle, giggling and wiggling in our seats. The 3D glasses fit nicely and we twiddled our thumbs through the boring celebrity quizzes. They’re boring because we don’t know any recent celebrities. (Actually, I did see one about the guy who plays Edward in Twilight, but it’s not like I know much or care about Twilight) (except that the guy who plays Edward hates the entire franchise. He gained some respect from me after I found that out).

Than the trailers started playing. They were mostly for animation films, but I didn’t mind really. The Dr. Sues one was the most interesting, along with a claymation pirate movie, but I probably won’t see either.

And than the Star Wars trailer ran. OH MY GOSH. I’d seen it before, but it was the first time I’d seen it in 3D.

It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It ended and I started bouncing around and loudly squealing, “I’M TOTALLY SEEING THIS IN 3D! OH MY GOODNESS!” Thank heavens we were all by ourselves and I was free to be hysterical.

Than the Tangled Ever After short ran. It was cute. I honestly expected more from it though, and in many ways it was rather cheesy. It was more about Maximus and Pascal than Rapunzel and Flynn, and I wish I could have seen more of the actual wedding. I LOVE Maximus, but they had him slide through a dress stall and a hat stall, so he wore this ridiculous get-up throughout most of the short.

But all in all, it was very fun and I’m glad I got to see it! If you’re a huge Tangled fan, than you’d probably die with laughter and fall onto the people in the row in front of you. Just sayin’. Be warned. XD (People, if you go see this movie and you want to be undistrubed, figure out which people look like Tangled fans, and sit away from them! You will probably be less distrubed. :D) (Tangled fans, don’t get offensive. That warning could be said about every major Marvel fan who is going to see the Avengers. HAHA! You probably won’t want to sit near me during my first viewing…. )

Oh, I was SO EXTREMELY HAPPY at the very end when I got a glimpse of the Stabbington Brothers during the wedding. If you didn’t know, I like the Stabbington Brothers a lot; they’re such characters (Don’t kill me. I have my own opinions.)

Sorry, had to include The Bros, even if it's from the last movie

There you go. A mini Tangled spam in the middle of all this Beauty and the Beast loveliness.

And by the time the trailers and short had ended, I’d eaten all but three of my Junior Mints.  I felt like such a pig. *face palm*

And than, FINALLY, the movie began! The music started and it began in the forest, the castle in the distance. That opening 3D shot took my breath away. The 3D was amazing; it was like the movie was coming to life! It was sooooo georgous. The scenes where it was snowing or raining were especially cool because it was almost like you were sitting in it! It was fun seeing depth throughout the film. And no, neither of us got headaches afterwards!

Beside the 3D, I was finally seeing my favorite Disney movie on the big screen, all huge and loud and glorious.

The rest of the film was just as amazing.

Of course, the best moment was the Transformation scene. I started crying and my face and neck was so wet by the time the credits rolled. I was glad I brought a handkerchief in my purse, so I could clean up and not look like an emotional mess staggering out of the theater.

But in all honesty, the ending always makes me cry. It’s the only film that I can guarantee to actually tear up by the end. I was weeping in our living room when I first re-saw it after borrowing it from the library. Because it’s so beautiful. Who wouldn’t cry?

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for letting go see it! I certainly had a wonderful time being a grown up and seeing a favorite movie on the big screen! Kayla and I had fun together. It was a special, ‘magical’ moment!



4 thoughts on “Our Beauty and the Beast 3D Experience

  1. Oddly enough I have yet to see a modern 3D movie. I hope The Avengers will my first! 😀 I have seen the older 3D that looked terrible so I hope the new 3D is as good as advertised. I have seen a 3D TV on display at a Best Buy but I was very underwelmed.


    1. This new 3D is VERY good; clear and concise! Yeah, the Avengers would be so cool to see in 3D. I’ll probably see it in 2D first, though. 🙂


  2. I find this post to be totally awesome, since I went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D too!!!!!! My cousin and I were the oldest ones in the theater, but we had the times of our lives. 😉 It was SO well done. 😀

    Oh, and we were those people during the Tangled short. XDD I was sobbing with joy. ;D And I will DEFINITELY be that way in Avengers, if not much, much worse. XDDD

    Yay for having a fun sister day!!!!!!! 😀

    1. Yay, I’m glad you went and enjoyed it!!! Wasn’t it wonderful???

      LOL, yes, no doubt, much, much worse! I’m almost afraid of how I’ll react… I’m seventeen, I need to act at least a little bit like a self-controlled adult…. but I don’t know how the shock of the actual awesomeness will affect me! 8-| IF I blow up, my Dad will probably never want to take me to another movie again! LOL


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