Fangirl Thoughts from Iron Man 2 and the New Avengers Trailer

So we finally watched the last of our Avenger-related films that we own: IRON MAN 2!!! YAY! We were excited by unsure at the same time about it. We’d heard a lot of junk about it, we certainly didn’t expect it to surpass it’s original (it’s a rare sequel that actually does) and… well… we weren’t sure.

Frankly, it was better than what I expected from it. Of course, we have a edited version, so who knows what fowl launguage got taken out. There was bunch more immodesty which we don’t like at all, but the plot was good and so was the subplots. I’m all for plots and characters, so I actually wasn’t dissatisfied. Tony was an unbelievable jerk, but at the same time there was still a little of ‘the hero’ in him, even though it wasn’t much. He’s a very complex character, which I enjoy.

And I have to mention, we finally ‘met’ Nick Fury in that movie— I got more excited about seeing his outfit than him, actually. His leather jacket… EPICNESS! It’s the first thing that has made me think, “I want to wear that!” since first seeing Darth Vadar’s cape.

And than, it’s Superbowl Sunday (we didn’t watch the superbowl) but we find out that a new trailer for the Avengers has been released! Here it is below, for anyone who has not seen the extended version yet.

It is literally looking unbelieveably amazing.

This clip here had me squealing and panicing at the same time. Brothers in battle helping each other!!!! WHOOOO! And than, “OMG, Steve’s hurt! How bad is he hurt? Is he going to be okay? How did he get hurt? AHHH! Don’t be too hurt!”

This scene. Oh my word. Heroes, back to back, ready for anything. Kayla and I got SERIOUSLY EXCITED by this shot!!!!!
I’m a big Loki girl, but I can tell, just by looking at this picture, that he’s certainly the bad boy here. Considering I rarely root for bad guys, even ones I really like, I can probably garuentee that Steve will get my full attention of cheering. Oh, while I’m talking about Loki, LOOK AT HIS COSTUME! I normally do not like green, but it looks amazing on Loki.

Anyway, that sums up some of my recent thoughts.

You can expect a Iron Man 2 review to be out hopefully by the end of this week. 😀



9 thoughts on “Fangirl Thoughts from Iron Man 2 and the New Avengers Trailer

  1. Avengers. Ahem.


    Okay. Iron Man 2!!! The only Avengers movie I’m left to see!!!!!!!!! I am nervous about it, but since reading yours and Kayla’s reviews, I’m a bit more optimistic. 😀 AWESOME POST!!!!!!!

    P.S. STEEEVVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! According to spoiler/promo pictures, Steve gets a huge burned hole in his side. DDDDDD: Which results in me sobbing like a maniac before I even know what happens. XDDD

    1. A huge BURNED HOLE in his side!!!!!!! *GASPS* asklgdsgladksh *cannot think properly now because she is so concerned about her hero*

      😀 I hope you won’t be disappointed in Iron Man 2 either! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!


  2. Great post! The reason most people didn’t like Iron Man 2 was because if people didn’t know that The Avengers movie was coming they thought that the movie was over stuffed. But if you knew that The Avengers were coming you wouldn’t mind having all of The Avengers references in the movie. I als heard that Robert Downy Jr. said that the script for Iron Man 3 is the best he has ever read! So it sounds exciting. 😀 But unofrtunately Jon Favreau will be directing Iron Man 3. 😦 But The Avengers is going to be awesome!!!!


    1. Oooh, I’m excited for Iron Man 3! That’s good Robert can reassure us in that way! It’s nice to hear actors’ thoughts on their films. 😀


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