Film Score Friday: Disney Galore

Disney is known for it’s animation, but the films include spell binding songs and original score. Each are different and unique, befitting each film perfectly. So, I decided to pick four different tracks from four different films that give off the strong feeling of said film. 🙂

Aristocats, The Great Mouse Detective, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. 🙂

EEEEEKKK! Who else loved this opening scenes of this movie????

Squeee! I love the main theme for this movie! It’s SO perfect for the setting, for the story, for the characters. And I just really love this movie anyway. Grandma got it for me from Goodwill for Christmas this year; I still need to see it again.

What tune doesn’t sum up the Little Mermaid outside of her beautiful voice? I haven’t seen the full movie, yet when I listen to this, it will get stuck in my head and I’ll go around singing like Ariel. Is that weird??? Mmmmm.

I LOVE the end of this soundtrack. It’s soooo epic!! But than, Hans Zimmer wrote this music, so of course it’s epic! 😀

*sighes* For just getting out of bed, I sure feel extremely spunky. You can probably tell by my extremely excited voice up there. XD

It’s not even like I drink coffee!



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