The Kitty, Lowercase Letters, and Music

I’m really relieved that my early allergies I was feeling when I first got Princess are totally gone now. I was literally sneezing so hard after just holding her for the first week or two… even three. If I didn’t wash my hands right away and blow my nose, I could be sure that I would have a very hard sneezing fit. It’s not fun having an itchy nose all the time. Praise the Lord that it all has cleared up and I am no longer suffering! I’m also glad my allergies weren’t even worse, like breaking out into rashes or anything. That . . . would not have been good.

Does anyone understand the recent fad on the blogosphere where the style is to write everything in lowercase letters? What is up with this? What happened to typing correctly and looking like an intelligent blogger? i mean, does this look good to anyone else out there? just, dropping capitalization. randomly. in the name of ‘i’m so obsessed with lowercase letters’ blaw blaw blaw. it looks so terrible. It’s just about as bad as text talking—but not really. Not quite that bad. But almost. How can we bring back the ‘fad’ of typing correctly instead of trying to look cute, or following the crowd or whatever is happening out there. If you type in all lowercase letters, drop me a comment and explain why you do it. For my simple understanding. Thank you.

The other weird thing I’m thinking about recently is how quickly my tastes change–example being music. One day I’m so excited about a recent song I just found and it’s all I listen to for two..three..four days. And than one day I listen to it and I’m like “meh, why is this on my favorites list?” Of course, I’m not changing fandoms every week or realizing, “Wow, those green beans I’ve hated all my life—I think they’re delicious today!” But it’s those little things, like certain songs or maybe that weird pair of socks in my drawer. Maybe it’s because I wear things out. I don’t know. It’s just something I was thinking was different.

But anyways, as Daryck likes to say, “Enough about me! What’s up with you?” I should really stop rambling . . .


3 thoughts on “The Kitty, Lowercase Letters, and Music

  1. I like posts like this!
    Yay for no more allergies!
    LOL about bad typing… wait a minute, do I do that?
    And I know what you mean about taste of music. I think that the deal is, we just never knew that music existed.

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