Love is a Verb

I was watching a series of Youtube videos Wednesday—all hilarious, sarcastic and well said by a young man named Jordon, a homeschool graduate. One really got me thinking again— it’s about the word love. He covers it here in THIS VIDEO which I beg of you to go watch after you finish reading this post. Or, go watch it now and you’ll know what got me thinking. Either way—JUST WATCH IT.

…moving on…

His point that got me thinking was that we, the American culture, have so overused the word ‘love’ that it’s meaning has just about been lost.  “I’m sure Jesus is extremely happy to be on the same level as grilled cheese your mind!” His point being, “Can we all just agree to default to “like” instead of saying that we loooove everything?”

And than he said this. “But maybe that’s the whole problem! Maybe we’ve forgot what love is suppose to be in the first place. Love is a verb. It’s something you actively do, not something you feel. It’s something you wake up every morning and decide to be.”

I was like. “Wow.”

Love is a verb.

Real love is action—you know when someone loves you when they’re willing to DO whatever needs to be done, when they’re will to die for you, when they’re will to LIVE for you. Anyone can ‘speak’ love, but only those who truly serve will actually give real love.

This really help give some glue to many of my opinions about the ‘love’ we see in many movies. There are always those films where the girl and the boy just ‘fall in love’ at first sight. Admit it, you’ve seen at least one movie like that; I know I have. And the girl and boy will do anything to be together, because they just know they’re ‘in love’. Even to the point of disobeying parents or even God. Because their feelings tell them they’re ‘in love’.

But if love is something you do, you aspire to be, is being a servant— than what kind  of love do they have if they only just met? (Example: Aurora and Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty).

No. That girl and boy in the movie (and sadly in many real life situations even) are not “in love”, even though they might think they are. I think it would be best to reworded this feeling as ‘becoming physically attracted’. What they’re ‘feeling’ is probably natural chemistry–but not real, Biblical love.

“Love is something you do.”

Think of Scripture: 1 Corinthians’ definition of love is a entire list of verbs/actions/things to do. Being patient, being kind, don’t be easily angered, ect. And even John 3:16, “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.” Catch the verb gave.

I certainly am not saying that there is no room for the affection/chemistry type love—no way. That love will be there, because it’s natural. I’m just saying— DON’T MIX THE TWO UP! Because which one should have a higher priority?

I still do not understand everything there is to love—no one will ever perfectly understand it or be able to perfectly live it. But I will certainly keep thinking about it. What Jordon has stated in his video is very powerful and something I’ll certainly want to apply to life, especially when I enter a relationship with a young man. Because the verb love will certainly help a marriage last, rather than the chemistry love—because that love will eventually dull (this is one of the reasons why there are so many divorces, people). I want the love that binds and glues—ultimately Christ’s self-sacrifing love of serving others.

‘Cause that’s all that will matter in the long run and that’s what will last.



7 thoughts on “Love is a Verb

  1. OMG, Jedi~Chick and I have been watching these videos too!! HE HAS LIFE FIGURED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! Seriously though, I really like (;)) his videos because they’re so true!!!

    By the way, watch the video about the 7 lies of Homeschooling. SO GOOD.

    1. Yes, he is so amusing but so TRUE! I love the movie one, the youth group one and the three types of churches one. OMG I laughed SO HARD I was literally crying!!




  2. I’ll have to watch the video when I get the chance!

    I understand what you’re saying about the “love at first sight” thing. My friends will talk about being so in love with a guy they just met and I’ll say, “But… um… you just met him? How can you want to spend the rest of your life with him?” lol it’s funny, but its sad, because people rush into marriage because they “fell in love” within an hour!

    Whoa. Sorry for the long comment. Just glad to know that I’m not the only one who thinks about this haha 🙂

    1. Yes, watch it! You’ll enjoy it!

      Amen, I’m glad I’m not alone either!! It is very sad seeing how people’s feelings can control their actions. And if you can “fall in love” so easily, why is love something we would want to save? By the time the special one comes along, the girl is just going to be emotional used up and dead and it will just “what’s the point?” That’s why I want to save it as much as I can so it’s actually something special. 🙂

      I love long comments! Thanks so much for taking the time to type it all out! 🙂


  3. Awww…. I’ll have to check out the vids. The Picture of the Girl and Guy somehow reminds of Captain America…. Don’t know why…..

      1. huh… That would be why. Hehe, I KNEW I noticed something different. It’s adorable 😀

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