Film Score Friday

It’s been an impromptu Iron Man/Superheroes week for my blog! This should finish it off (tomorrow I have another ROFL post for you all!)

Iron Man’s soundtrack was beyond amazing and it’s really been all I’ve been listening to this week. I have four different tracks to share with everyone today. 🙂

Iron Man: basic theme here. This one is very smooth till the end, but I still like it.

Vacation’s Over: This is more relaxed track from the movie—when Tony comes back and tell’s Pepper ‘vacation’s over’. So this track has a bit more emotion in it than others.

Gilumra: very powerful, steady track. I really like it!!!!

In all honesty, Mark I, is my favorite. For some reason I just really like it. It’s probably the one most replayed this week. I love the urgency, the steadiness, the pressure you can feel in the film–of course, Mark I was his first suit he built in that desert cave and he was wanting get home while making it, so you can feel that pressure to build that thing and get out before he was killed! Anyway, I just love the more fast paced music anyway.

And that’s it for this week’s film score. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Film Score Friday

      1. Nope! I love them.

        Occasianaly, my brothers will come up, and ask, “Has that funny girl put any more funny stuff up on her blog?”.

        Yeah, you’re know and ‘That funny girl’ with my brothers…lol

      2. Awwww! 🙂 That made me laugh! LOL “That funny girl”. Yes, that’s just about what everyone else calls me too! Lol! XD


  1. I love the soundtrack. 🙂 My favorite is “Driving with the Top Down”. Have you ever heard the X-Men: First Class or Spider-Man soundtrack? If not the video are below. They are some of my favorite soundtracks.


  2. Danny Elfman is amazing. He wrote the Spiderman music. So good! Thanks for posting. The X Men first class music is pretty amazing as well. There’s a lot of impressive soundtrack action going on here, thanks.

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