Dear Marvel Superheroes . . .

I got this idea from Jedi~Chick–writing letters to superheroes. I’m coming along doing it too, because it’s just something I’d love having fun with!! I’m addressing Marvel characters… maybe sometime I’ll do something similar and write letters to some Star Wars characters. Anyway, you can read her post here. 🙂

And my little notes are below.

Dear Thor,

You’re so amazing, even if I don’t like your hair. Please go back to Jane in Thor 2 and watch out for Steve during the Avengers. He’s not as unbreakable as you, so make sure he doesn’t get hurt. And don’t hurt Loki too much. Unless he hurts Steve. Than give that little brother of yours a pounding with that hammer.

A fellow Asgardian

Dear Hawkeye,

I have high hopes for you. I love heroes with archery skills; be as good as Robin Hood! And please fall in love with Black Widow. I’d rather have you two be the love pair than have a Sharon Carter march near my Steve. Also… please wear just a little purple???

A hopeful to-be fan.

Dear Black Widow,

I love your hair. All you awesome gals have red hair. Please be super awesome, and fall in love with Hawkeye while being that awesomeness.

A fellow law-girl

Dear Loki,

I wish you hadn’t become a bad guy. You were so freaking awesome..but you still make a great villain. Do more of your mirror tricks, those are the best! I love you to death, but if you dare to as so much hurt Steve, I will personally come and shoot you in the head. Be warned.

Your loving but firm fangirl

Dear Mr. Fury,

You’re cool, but stop being so over dramatic. Try to keep S.H.I.E.L.D in line and out of our heroes way, please. Thank you. By the way, your eye patch is super amazing.

A wanna-be S.H.I.E.L.D. agent

Dear Hulk,

You confuse me. How come you’re a hero when your powers come from being angry??! This does not compute with my Jedi Training!  . . . . I’ll see what you’re made of in the Avengers. Please be alright.

A skeptical Jedi trainee

Dear Tony,

Please stop being a jerk. You’re life was spared, don’t keep wasting it! You have all the potential to be as great as The Captain. Please, please stop being a bad boy! But don’t change your eating habits. I love burgers too. Also, hurry up and marry Pepper–you’re all she has and she’ll always be there for you . . .

You’re newest fan

Dear Steve,

You’re my favorite. You’re humble yet strong. You’re brave yet not foolish. You love and live for others, not yourself. You’re everything a real hero should be. Keep Tony in line during the Avengers for me. And please stay amazing; even if you’re in a century that’s not yours. Be brave. We need you.

Your Biggest Fangirl



6 thoughts on “Dear Marvel Superheroes . . .

  1. Great post. About Hulk: I watched the movie again today and liked it a lot more than I did when I watched it a few years ago. I recommend watching it. It is not as good as the other Avengers movies but it is stil a good movie. I hope to post the reivew for it after the Star Wars meme. 🙂


    1. Ah, I will look forward to your review. I don’t know if we’ll see it, since we don’t have it. I’ve watched different trailers, so I have a little idea about him, but not much. 🙂


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