Iron Man: A Film Review

Here is my promised, extensive review of Iron Man. For starters, I’ll just say that I was a little wary at first, hearing from many friends that Tony Stark was one of those ‘bad boy’ type characters. And he totally was, as obvious in the beginning of film where he’s totally taken in with himself and his lusts. However, the things he learns and sees by the end of the film—including his actions, which really speak about a man’s heart—show that he learns lessons, wakes up and redeems himself from wasting his life.

I will say right now that Iron Man surpassed all expections and I was very pleased by the time the credits rolled.

I recommend this film to everyone in the appropriate age group.


Howard Stark (from Captain America) had a son, a brilliant genius, who didn’t just continue the family’s Stark industries: he went on to be one the World’s mightiest Avengers.

But how did the very rich, very loose Tony Stark become one of those heroes, to start thinking of others instead of himself? Well… he needed his eyes opened but it would take a very dramatic turn of events to do that. Being wounded and captured by terrorists—I should think that would wake anyone up!

His life hanging in the balance by a car battery and a compassionate prisoner’s medical creation, Tony realizes that his life’s work was now about to be used against his own country and he himself was being held to build his biggest weaponry, the Jericho Missel, for the war lords. And he’s woken up to a harsh reality that the things that he does in life effect others… and he needs to start thinking of people other than himself.

With the help of his friend, he built himself an iron suit which helped him escape the terrorists. Going home with him was a motor in his chest and a realization that his life needed turn down a new road.

Tony quit making weapons and began building a better suit.

That was the beginning.

Tony Stark as a character was very dimensional and very realistic, though I will not delve into deeper aspects of his character till I see Iron Man 2 and get a better idea of how he really is before the Avengers.

However, even if he goes back to being a big jerk in Iron Man 2, it’s clear in Iron Man that he learned a few lessons and than lived them on a couple of occasions. Building his suit and than using it to rescue the troubled families in Afghanistan from the war lords, for instance. Single handedly, aided by the suit which he created, he rescued a village full of families.

And than at the end, when he was battling his enemy on the buildings roof, he told Pepper to blow the whole thing off, even though he could have easily died from it.

He learned to think of others before himself.

“I shouldn’t be alive… unless it was for a reason. I’m not crazy, Pepper. I just finally know what I have to do. And I know in my heart that it’s right.”

Another character I loved was Pepper Potts, Tony’s loyal secretary. She did everything for him and he found that he depended on her for a lot–she was even the only one who could help him with his chest reactor arcs. I loved how different Pepper’s role in the movie was, compared to many film girls. Instead of being the obvious love interest, Pepper’s part of the film was different. It was like she was Tony’s special friend even though both of them didn’t really know it. “You’re all I have, too, you know.” I read somewhere something which I really agreed with. Someone said something about how beautiful and different Pepper and Tony’s relationship where. It wasn’t actually romantic but they weren’t just friends. “It was like she was what kept him sane.” I liked it.

I also think she’s absolutely beautiful in her simple way—her red hair is gorgeous, too.

The film’s plot was absolutely amazing. I love the different twists it took, even the little ones, like Pepper saving his old reactor arc, which ended up saving Tony’s life. Everything was well paced. There was some GREAT lines and some excellent humor. Certainly had some laugh out loud moments! Pepper and Tony had some good exchanges and Tony and his robots were hilarious.

The score is the best I’ve heard in a very long time. Just about as good as John Williams musical score for Star Wars. It was certainly very fitting for the film and I’ve loved listening to more score on YouTube. Want to try something epic? CLICK here to read a whole bunch of Iron Man quotes and listen to THIS while you read them. I felt like I was rewatching the movie when both listening and read it! It was so epic. Here is the same music below.

To round off my post, I’ll do my typical ‘swamp-you-with-pictures’ ending, because that’s just so appropriate. 🙂

I really loved this movie. If you enjoyed Thor and Captain America, than you would certainly enjoy this one!!! It’s certainly one of Marvel’s better films!

“Don’t waste it… don’t waste your life, Stark.”



7 thoughts on “Iron Man: A Film Review

  1. It was good; the movie and your review! Nice pictures! I liked how you explained Pepper and Tony’s relationship. I think the movie was chalked full of good quotes!

  2. Awesome review! I love the quotes “Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” , “Yeah, I can fly.”, ” They say that the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once.”. Did you watch after the credits? The first time I watched this almost 4 years ago. I was a little shocked when Nick Fury walked in. I kind of knew that there was going to an Avengers movie but I wasn’t for sure. But after that I have been counting the day since I watched Iron Man for The Avengers. 😀 It is hard to belived that it is almost here!


    1. I love “Cheeseburger first” a lot! Lol!! And, “It’s me!” and “This looks important” (or he said something similar). XD

      Yes, we watched after the credits–I’m so glad I remembered!! There was Nick Fury and Kayla and I got all excited!!!

      Wow, you’ve waited a long time!!! O.O I’m kinda glad I’ve only just got into it, since the wait isn’t so long anymore! LOL Except, now I have long waits for Thor sequels and Captain America sequels. :-\


  3. I haven’t seen Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America 😦 I’m so behind the times lol. I really want to though, because they all look so good!

  4. This review made me squeal. 😉 (btw I shall reply to your email tonight! :D)

    I. LOVE. IRON MAN. 😀 It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the movie, and I loved Tony’s character. Even if he was a bit jerk-ish….he learned his lesson, and he ended up being a better man. I liked the guy in the beginning (Yinsen I believe), he reminded me of Dr. Erskine a lot. ;D “Don’t Waste your Life”.

    PEPPERRRRRR. She’s amazing. I liked that (like Peggy) she was a different kind of girl character, she was Tony’s helper! :DDDD I liked the scene where she helped him put the new magnet thing in,it was so sweet and funny! ;D

    The robots were adorable.

    Man…..I need to watch this again. I LOVE YOU IRON MAN! ;D

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