We Saw Iron Man!!

(expect a better review later this week!)


Best superhero movie ever.

I had hopes for it to be good, but it was waaaay better than I expected it to be! Marvel scores again! *runs around room screaming crazily.*

First things first—THE MUSIC IS FREAKING AWESOME! I’m so buying the soundtrack as soon as possible!

Tony Stark. Wow. He’s a very conflicting, dimensional character whom I will enjoy chewing over later. I love his little robots–I kept thinking of them as driods! Lol. I love all the footage of him learning how to fly in his new suit. *screams* I’m way out of control right now to think like an organized blogger…

Anyway, all we left to see is Iron Man 2 and we’ll be set for the Avengers. I am so freakign excited. I thought I couldn’t wait to see Cap and Thor work together. Now I can’t wait to see those two with Tony Stark! It’s going to be so epic!!!

I promise a much longer, better review will come soon. I promise.



10 thoughts on “We Saw Iron Man!!

  1. *Fist Bump*! I am glad you liked it! 😀 Iron Man is awesome! So it looks like you liked it as munch as Captain America! 😀 I love this movie! 🙂 Iron Man is such a different and unique hero compared to other heroes. Tony Stark is my probably my favorite hero identity. And the soundtrack is beyond awesome! “Driving with the top down” is fits Iron Man perfectly! Also I thought it was hilarious. Especially the dialogue between Tony and Pepper. I can’t wait to see your review! 😀


    1. Just as much! Cap is still my favorite, but Iron Man was REALLY good!! He is so unique!! The music SIMPLY ROCKS!! I’m using it for Film Score Friday this week!! Yes! There were some GREAT lines. “Burger first!” Pepper was so amazing too! I like her almost more than Peggy! o.o


      1. I agree. Great lines. “I am Iron Man” epic ending. And I also lke Pepper just as munch or better than Peggy. And thanks for your comment on my Iron Man review. The review is a little outdated since I have watched it again since then. I need to update it to a score of 9.9/10 just like Captain America and Thor. As of right now my favorite comic book movies are Captain America and then Iron Man, X-Men: First Class and Thor tied. And then Spider-Man 2.


  2. I forgot to say this in my other comment: Look for some Captain America and Thor references in Iron Man 2. And did you see Cap’s shield in the background in Iron Man 1?


  3. GIRLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally FREAKED OUT when I checked your blog and saw this post. Guess what I watched today?!?!


    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DDDD

    Seriously Jamie, I really, really, really liked the movie. I am watching it again right now. All I need to see is IM2 and The Incredible Hulk and then I’ll be ready for Avengers!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!

    YAY FOR TONY STARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fallon/Jedi~Chick ❤


      I SO enjoyed this movie too! It’s probably just under Captain America in likes!!!!! Yes! Yay for TONY STARK!! “The truth is . . . . . I am Iron Man!” LOL

      Love, Jamie

  4. Lol. I just watched this movie. IT IS SOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! I saw Iron Man 2. It isn’t AS good but, still amazing.

    I saw all the avenger’s movie’s Hulk, Iron man 1 &2, Captain America, and Thor! I have a new fangirl obsession, SUPERHERO’S!!!!!!

    Also, Kinda random but, another really good movies series I think you would like is, Transformers. The movies are really good 🙂

    1. YAY for another fangirl!!! Yes! Superheroes! They’re sooo cool!! Marvel superheroes especially rock!!

      We have a Transformer movie but we haven’t seen it yet! I really want to though, I’ve heard they’re good!!! 😀


      1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! They have Iron Man 3 coming out in May 3, 2013!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

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