SW 30 Question Meme: Day Five

Favorite ESB Moment:

Again, like with A New Hope, can I just say the whole thing? It’s SUCH a good movie. I guess my favorite part would be the parts of Han and Leia escaping the Imperials a million times in the Falcon. There are so many good lines and action scenes during that part. “Never tell me the odds!” Han is the man.

Favorite RotJ Moment:

So hard! So hard! I think my ultimate favorite moment would be when Darth Vadar turned and picked the Emperor up, rescuing Luke. Whoooo, my emotions during that scene… Just. Wow. I just don’t have words to describe it. It was so…. beautiful.

Something You Wished Was Different:

First thing I would change?!?!? I would get rid of any lines that Luke said that make him sound like a whiny little kid. I’d chuck them or revise them so that impression never lands on people. There. That said: I wish Anakin and Padme’s romance was written better and more appropriate. All the touching and gazing—*gag* it was so awkward. The lines themselves weren’t the best. I just wish it was more… nice. *can’t think of better way to say it* I’d also want Leia’s slave outfit not so—revealing. I’d change that too.  Okay, I’ve said more than just ‘something’, so I’ll bring this one to a close as well. 🙂

A Character You Dislike:

No one likes Jar-Jar Binks, so we won’t even go there. . . Jabba the Hutt is really disgusting but in a great ‘bad guy’ way… In all honesty, Padme is probably one of my least favorite characters (I’d say Anakin, but I liked him quite a bit in RotS). Padme was just… I’m trying to be nice here… outside of the fact that she needed to be there to have the twins, she really didn’t give anything special to the prequels, that I could feel. The romance she was in was awkward; I didn’t especially care for her character and she died of a broken heart? Puh-leeze. I liked her best as the fourteen year old little queen in TPM. I’m not saying I out right totally hate her; she had some cool lines and some AWESOME clothes… but… she just didn’t brush with me. I’m sorry if I’m offending y’all out there; I know some of you are HUGE Padme fans, but I’m not saying your wrong for liking her or that you need to agree with me. I respect y’all’s opinions and I’m not forcing you to agree with me. Just, please respect my opinion as I respect yours.

Favorite EU Book:

Only one I’ve read; but I borrowed it for reason. Because it came highly recommended for being very true to the characters of Han and Leia. Outside of two spots that I needed to skim read for sensuality (nothing explicit), the whole book was outstanding. It was well written, stayed super close to the characters, the plot was well and I was able to follow it, even though I’d not even see TPM. It had some very funny one liners and some good suspense. When I finished it, I was sad that it wasn’t an actual movie! LOL! I recommend for mature readers–over fifteen, at least.

One more day left! Whoohoo!



5 thoughts on “SW 30 Question Meme: Day Five

  1. Good picks- except I’m sad you don’t like Padme. I agree about your dislikes of her but I still really like her.
    I agree about Ani and Padme’s romance. I wish it could of been a little more real like Han and Leia’s. It was kinda just weird… but maybe that’s why Ani broke up the relationship later.

  2. Hey, I just found your blog! It’s nice to know that there’s actually another girl out there who thinks that Star Wars is awesome! haha. I kind of agree with you about Padme. She could definitely be better as a character.

    1. Hi, Emily! Thanks so much for the kind comment! Yes, it’s very nice not being by ourselves!! There are actually a lot of girls who love Star Wars, I’m leaving the link to their website ! It’s called the Lakehouse Forums. Check them out sometime! 😀

      Anyway, it was really nice hearing from you! Go Star Wars fangirls!


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