SW 30 Question Meme: Day Three

Favorite Battle (I’m not meaning the lightsaber duels):

Ooooooh. Toughie. I can’t say I have a ultimate favorite; battles I really enjoy would be the blowing of the first Death Star, battle on Jabba’s sail barge and the Arena battle, because that scene basically ‘saved’ AOTC for me personally.

All-Time Favorite Scene:

Another hard one. I think one for sure will be the garbage compactor scene. When we first watched that part, I was SO stiff and anxious. It was so intense! And than at the end, “Listen to them Artoo, they’re dying! Curse my body!” the quote of Threepio, mistaking their laughter for pain…gosh, just emotions from that scene…. it will certainly be a long time favorite!

Favorite Quote:

This is all that is coming to mind. LOL. Honestly, the entire scripts for all three originals are all very good; it’s extremely hard to pick favorites. I’d end up quoting all three movies if I were to name all my favorites. So, “Who’s scruffy looking?” Has it for now; runner up, “Boring conversation anyway–Luke, we’re going to have company!”

And . . . . just about anything Threepio says. Lol.

A Scene That Makes You Happy:

So many scenes make me happy: the reunion of Han, Leia and Luke after the first Death Star is blown; they’re beaming expressions just make me glow. The scene where Chewbacca hugs Han in one of Jabba’s cells makes me squeal. The “I love you” “I know” scene is so beautiful. The very end of Return of the Jedi makes me want to tear up with happiness. There are too many to recount. Indeed, as sad as the story is, it really is heartwarming and joyful at the same time.

A Scene That Makes You Sad/Angry:

Something that comes to mind quickly is the whole betrayed ordeal with Lando. Han being tortured and than carbonited did not rub well with me, especially seeing how it hurt Leia and Chewbacca. Lando made me so mad–I have very little sympathy for backstabbers, especially when they betray characters whom I love and care for. And nobody start harping on me for “being racist”. Me despising Lando has nothing to do with the color of his skin but the actions which he committed. I would despise anyone who did those same actions to the same characters; white, black or an alien. I still bare a slight grudge, even though everyone says he redeemed himself . . . . . .

This challenge has been fun; I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!



5 thoughts on “SW 30 Question Meme: Day Three

  1. YOU ARE NOT RACIST! Lando is evil!!!!
    Good post! I totally agree about the garbage compactor!

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