SW 30 Question Meme: Day Two

Day Two: the next five questions! Oh, and all the questions are listed at the end of the post. 🙂

Favorite Ship:

The Millenium Falcon: Has been, is, and always will be. Best. Freaking. Ship. Ever. I don’t care if it’s a piece of junk! My next favorite . . . probably X-Wings. I like Tie-Fighters, even though they’re used by the bad guys!

Favorite Sith:

Emperor Palpatine. Hands down. He’s the best–who else could live among the entire Jedi Council and not ever be suspected as the missing Sith Lord for all those years?! He’s a total creep, too; a great bad guy! I love how in the prequels, he’s so evil and yet appeared just like… what could you say… a hug-able fuzzy teddy bear? I’m rather fascinated him, actually, in a odd way. He’s just a great character

Favorite OT Movie:

I’ve always said that I love all three equally, but for the sake of time, I’m listing Empire Strikes Back. Just ’cause it’s super awesome! It introduces Yoda, Boba Fett, and Lando and has some great twists, action scenes and sets. And of course, the classic “I’m Your Father” scene. 🙂

Favorite PT Movie:

Hands down, Revenge of the Sith. By far the best of the three–what I love most about it is that it connects all the pieces together, finally! Lol Besides, it has some very epic fights and epic moments, like Order 66, the birth of the twins, the revelation of Palpatine.

Favorite Star Wars photo:

I could never just show one; so I’ll show a few of my very favorites!

And that wraps it up today! 😀

Here are the questions:



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