Princess (and the feathers)

I’ve been having a wonderful experience since Princess has come to live with us. She’s my very own pet and so cute! I’ve taken a bunch of pictures of her and today I’m sharing some with y’all.

Today I went outside with the camera and thought, “Cool! She’s eating! I’ll take a picture of her from the ground.” The camera focused beautifully on the dirt instead and by the time I’d realized what the picture was of, she’d raced over and was chasing the camera strap! The picture above isn’t actually the bad–it’s just focused on the wrong thing!

So I got out her feathers instead. She LOVES playing with anything but her feathers is really fun because I control them.  I like making her jump for it and she does pretty good. She’ll also run in wild circles after them.

I love how she stares at them so hard! LOL

Here she is rolling on the ground, rather close to her arch nemesis, Patience, who is stubbornly staring away from the camera.

Here she is charging for them after she got over being distracted by something else.

This is not a cropped picture. She literally jumped onto my lap and grabbed for the dangling lens cap. You can see her claws!

She’s been so fun, though she will also be the death of me. I’ve rescued her off the six foot fence–not that she needed rescuing: she wasn’t suppose to be up there, no yet anyway. I’m so scared she’ll fall into a neighbor’s yard and won’t be able to get back into ours, or that she’ll fall into a yard that has a dog in it. *major heart attack*

Otherwise, she’s been a very good kitten and has caused very little trouble!

I love you, Princess!



8 thoughts on “Princess (and the feathers)

  1. Awwww!!! I love all these pictures! And while the second picture may be out of focus, it’s my favorite! Since the camera is focused on the ground, it makes the photo more interesting. Awesome job Jamie. I look forward to seeing these pictures every day!! 😀

    1. Thank you very much; I like the second one as well, even though it’s frustrating it focused on the wrong thing! LOL! At least she was still in the picture! XD


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