Refinding My Old Love: Sherlock Holmes

Before I had Star Wars, The Avengers, Lucy Ball, Andy Griffith, or countless Disney/Pixar films to love, squeal over, write about and study…. I had detectives.

Detectives, along with the occasional John Wayne film, was just about all we watched. We saw the black and white Charlie Chan films, the almost uncountable series of BBC’s Hercule Poirot and their many feature films. We devoured detective films.

But my absolute favorite was Sherlock Holmes. As a young teen, I would jump towards any book that had his name on it. Basil Rathbone became my most favorite actor as he brought my hero to life, breathing, striding and looking just like how I pictured him. I didn’t care how badly misrepresented Dr Watson was; he was hilarious and I adored him! And the original stories. I loved them. I still have many to read, but the ones I did read was The Scandal of Bohemia, The Red Headed League, The Speckled Band, The Copper Beeches and The Man With the Twisted Lip.

Before I had Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Steve Rogers there was Robin Hood, John Wayne and Sherlock Holmes. I still love them but I’m stricken with how washed to the side they are.

Especially Sherlock. Robin Hood is still my favorite hero of them all, but he used to be interchangeable with Sherlock. Steve Rogers rather won that interchangeable place between second place and first place on my heroes list. I didn’t really realize it, but my beloved Sherlock disappeared inside the closet with my winter inspector coat and black and white movies, traded out for Star Wars t-shirts and Captain America desktop space.

He might still be there, except that only this past week I was reminded of him. He came out with that inspector coat and his name started running through my head again.

My old love was revived because I identified the excitement that I heard in Dylan’s voice as he spoke of how awesome the old stories were as he yanked that coat on and slipped a fake pistol in his pocket for our Cops and Robbers. It was the same excitement I had felt four or five years ago. I remembered that feeling of, “Wow! This guy is amazing! The stories are interesting! This so COOL!”. I suddenly remembered my old friend.

Later, I dug up the books and flipped through the pages, smiling at the familiar stories. “Hi, Sherlock. I didn’t know I missed you so much. Pretty cool you got Dylan all excited, eh? It was fun talking about you with him. Shall I read one of your stories again?” I picked Case of Identity, and I enjoyed an old Holmes short story.

The irony of all this, though, is that I’m the reason Dylan picked up Sherlock Holmes in the first place. And now he’s got me all excited about him again. *Face palm* 😀

Now I want to go dig out all the old Holmes films too and re-watch them. How I’ve forgotten the hilarity of good ole Watson, the comedic moments of the frustrated Inspector Lastrade and dear Mrs Hudson. And Holmes, with his favorite pipe, clever deduction and charming laugh.

I miss the arrogant, confident but satisfying style of Holmes (and those rare moments of affection, too). I miss Watson stumbling about, chuckling happily and ready as rain for anything. I miss Lastrade’s bewildered expressions and insistence that “this is police business, Mr ‘Olmes!”. I miss the old-fashioned black and white pictures from the beginning of film making, where the plots weren’t crazy but were still steady with a few twists. Where suspense and intrigue was gained through not showing violence and gore but leaving you wondering what was happening but happily not defiled.

I miss the black and white movies.

And I miss my favorite detective.

Hi, Sherlock. I’m sorry I forgot all about you. I still adore you. You’re pretty amazing. Please stay forever.


9 thoughts on “Refinding My Old Love: Sherlock Holmes

  1. Sherlock is pretty neat. I’m sorry you left him with your skeletons in the closet. I hadn’t forgotten him. Well… not really. 😛 😉

  2. Basil Rathbone is probably the best Sherlock Holmes. I have seen most of his movies. While the recent Robert Downy jr. movies are good they are not Sherlock Holmes movies they are action movies. But the recent TV series is really good and is set in modern day. It has had some of the best Sherlock Holmes mysteries I have seen.


    1. I love Basil’s version; he even looks very similar to the original pictures that were drawn for the stories!!

      And the Robert Downy Jr films have changed Holmes alot by making his a fighter and stuff like that; and there’s magic included… :-/

      Oooh, I’ve not heard of the tv series. That would interesting to see them set in modern day . . .


      1. The series comes on the PBS channel. I like the original setting best but the modern setting works really well for the show becasue it adds a modern twist to it. When it comes back in May I will make some post about the series. About the Robert Downy Jr. movies: *Warning Spoiler* At the end of the movie Sherlock discovered that the guy in the movie was not using magic but science to scare people into thinking that he was using magic.

        Here is the trailer to the modern series. 😀


      2. Thanks for clearing up that; I’ve been wondering how on earth they would use magic with Sherlock Holmes.

        Thanks for linking the trailer; that guy almost does look like a modern day Holmes. It also looks fascinating. How ‘clean’ is the series–to you guys anyway. Is there a lot of gore (I don’t mind violence, but a ton of blood and guts isn’t my thing) or lots of freakish women? I agree, I like Holmes set in the times which he is suppose to be in! Lol!


      3. It is hard to say if it is clean. It was been almost a year since the first season but I don’t remember a lot of blood and the themes are a lot darker than the original. Here is a link to website that reviews the content of movies and TV series.

        My parents and I use it to determine if a TV series or movie is clean enough to watch.
        I hope this helps. 🙂


      4. Yes, that helped; thanks for taking the time to talk, James!

        Also, great link! I’ll have to use it when looking up different movies. I normally use Plugged In for reviews… I should see if they review TV series. Anyway, it will be great having two different sources so they balance each other out. 😀


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