For My Captain Friends

A picture post with commentary from yours truly: this is specially for Jedi-Chick! 🙂

The Cap is amazing throwing his shield. Makes me want to play Frisbee more; let go knock out some HYDRA soldiers!

“The serum magnifies everything inside. So, good becomes great. Bad becomes worse.”

*Sobbing hysterically*

The scenes from this movie…are just epic. No other word for it. Epic…classic…amazing…spine chilling…

OMG BUCKY, BE CAREFUL! DON’T FALL, BUCKY, DON’T FALL! *Everyone who does not know what Bucky is doing in this picture is now thinking I’m being weird; but he is crossing over a small metal supporter over a huge pit of fire. Now hopefully you understand the gravity of this scene.*

This is what I call an All-American suit! His boots are awesome!

“Not just a perfect soldier… but a good man.”

This cube was rather confusing till I watched Thor… Which, if you haven’t seen it but intend to watch the Avengers, please, I BEG OF YOU, watch Thor as soon as possible! Things will connect much better, and it’s a pretty darn good movie anyway. Even if you aren’t going to see the Avengers, take the time to watch it anyway!

Look at his fighting spirit! Glaring into the search light! Oh, and protecting a girl! That’s my hero!

I love this shield. I want to find an old trash can lid, paint and hang it on my wall! Or carry it around during Cops and Robbers and scream, “Kill ALL the Nazis!”

Oh, Peggy. So stylish yet so conservative.

This just screams 1940’s.  I LOVE THE 40’S! WORLD WAR II MOVIES ARE THE BEST!

“He’s the star-spangled man with a plaaaan!”

This just screams what Captain America is all about; saving others, protecting others, and protecting this country. *shivers*

“To the little guys.”

HYDRA Nazis, how I hate you! (Even though their outfits are pretty darn cool! The masks remind me a little of Stormtroppers.)

Steve Rogers looks great in an army suit.

Very cool poster though the outfit doesn’t look like the one from the movie…

One reason I really like the  Cap is that he’s more often than not using his super powers to aid the US Army. He’s not out in New York City rescuing the whole earth with his superness. He’s aiding his country out in front lines of battle amongst fire and superior weapons with other soldiers. And the super-villain he battles is aiding the army that he’s fighting. It’s just so unique!

He’s humble about all this, too.

Oh, yes, Howard Stark! We didn’t receive the shock in theaters like everyone else did. Everyone else is freaking out, “That can’t be Tony Stark’s father, is it! Omg! Omg!” Oh no, we got the shock when we started looking into Iron Man later–only it was reversed. “That can’t be Howard Stark’s son?? Iron Man is Howard Stark’s son!? WOAH!!” XD

Best. Fanart. Ever. So touching and so true. *Sniff*. I am also a huge Steve/Peggy ‘shipper’ and I will be SO MAD if they make Steve get together with Sharon Carter in one of the Avengers movies. That would be SO NOT COOL.

Oh, I feel so ready to watch this movie again! I hope all my friends enjoyed the post; which, speaking of friends, I’m so happy my Star Wars blogging friends have finally gotten around to seeing Captain America! If you haven’t seen this movie yet, than you should. 🙂

Just sayin’.



6 thoughts on “For My Captain Friends

  1. Yay! Perfect post! Go Captain! Go Peggy! Go America! Yay! This makes me want to see it again! Good comments after pictures.

  2. *ahem*

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
    This is so epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all your comments after the pictures, this post is being forever saved in my favorites. XDDDD PERFECT!!!!!!!!! 😀

    I seriously want my own Steve Rogers, in real life. 😉 Someday my HERO will come, I don’t wanna wait around for a prince! 😉


    Jedi~Chick <3333

    1. 😀 I knew you would love it!! YAY! *runs around room like crazy*

      Amen!! Who wants a prince charming when you can have your own superhero??????????? 😀 I love you for that!



  3. More amazing pictures! 😀 The pictures with the fire behind Captain America is epic! Howard Stark did a good job of being similar to Tony except that Tony was munch more of jerk than Howard. Great post!

    1. I’m so excited to see more of Iron Man soon; he might be a jerk, but he looks hilarious and he’s Howard’s son, so for Howard’s sake, I’m excited! LOL!

      Thanks heaps!


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