My Last Hours of 2011

We invited The Boys and their parents over to spend New Years Eve with us. We were so excited when we found out they could come and Kayla and I started planning for a mega game of Cops and Robbers. It turned out to be a super epic night; two rounds of Cops and Robbers–taken up a level (well, Dylan said it was taken up five levels!), a million fireworks which we all set off in the driveway, everyone held Princess.

To Nechet and Moriah: you want to see what this game looks like, eh? We got some pictures for you! *hugs*

Look out! We’ve got Frankie and Scarlett Blood on our hands! This is Kayla and her partner in crime, Daryck. Daryck’s the younger brother but is such a ham. You read my short story above, “Who Stole Annie’s Rocks?” Well, here’s Frankie!

I said one mention of “I’m going to get the camera” and Daryck was all, “oh! get a shot of me posing like this!” and “Now get a picture of me doing this!” He did a bunch of poses for me; that’s one of them.

Here’s Kayla as Scarlet Blood. She and Daryck love to be the bad guys in our game… What was so awesome about this round of Cops and Robbers was that we used both the backyard AND the front yard for the game (later on, we were running through the house and hiding out in the garage as well!) Bad guy head quarters were up front, so that’s were Kayla and Daryck were for the first game.

And here’s Dylan–Officer Dylan or Willy, as he was in this game. In my book, he’s Will! One of the ways we took Cops and Robbers up a level was by dragging out more than just guns and hats. We had magnifying glasses, mirrors, spyglasses, books for writing search warrants and tickets on, fake money that looked super real, a bank…a whole host of props. Dylan decked out with more than the police hat this time: I dragged out my winter trench coat (Girls, remember when I’d wear it church? Lol). Well, he loved it and wore all night; at least, until it was our turn to be the bad guys.

Oh, side note: he’s reading the old Sherlock Holmes stories and the two of us had a great time talking mysteries and detective! He needs to read Agatha Christie next…

No pictures of me, sadly. I wore a jean jacket with pockets and long sleeves; it looked professional but feminine. And I wore my handcuffs and flashlight in my jean skirt pockets. I also wore a silly hat with sunglasses on top of them.

Cops and Robbers: Epic battles, chases, gun fights and interrogation. Here I snapped an action shot of Dylan and Daryck shoving each other and Kayla standing behind them, looking not sure how to help her partner.

End result of the fight above: Kayla dead on the ground and Daryck handcuffed. He ranted on about five minutes to me from the ground and made some hilarious faces!

It was after ten when we started lighting sparklers, flares and fireworks. We paused our game to stand around the fire and all four of us got to light fireworks!
Kayla with one of the ‘flares’. Those were epic. They went from red, to green to shooting huge sparks out!!!

Mom got this shot of Kayla, Dylan and I back up against the garage door during one of the larger fireworks. Oh! You can’t see her, but Dylan is holding Princess inside his jacket. Princess did remarkably well for all the loud popping and shooting sparks. She went round in circles with the adults and than I held her and than she fell asleep in Dylan’s coat. Cutest thing ever!

We had some very neat fireworks; thank you, Dad and Grandma for buying them for us!!!!

Watch out! Daryck and Kayla got to be the good guys after the fireworks were over and Daryck was quite the interesting cop—he took the trench coat but kept his favorite top hat.

Dylan and I are more used to being cops, but we gave these two a run for their jobs. We stole arms, ambushed them and than we had the most epic chase ever. Dylan and I ran into the house with our arms full of guns and realized we could be seen from outside from every angle because of open windows. Panic. We out into the garage and tried to ambush them from behind, but they never came and looked for us there. So we stole back inside; we killed Daryck and got away from Kayla by disappearing upstairs. The two of them looked for us outside and in as we stood at the top of the stairs on either side, guns ready. They didn’t find us there, so we stole back down stairs and went up front. Am I confusing you or are you all just bored? End of story? They killed us both but we were begged to do it again!

Cops and Robbers is epic when the house and front yard is suddenly a battle field!

^Biggest firework.

Their family hadn’t thought they’d stay till midnight and neither had ours. All four of us were so delighted when we looked at the clock and discovered it was fifteen minutes to midnight! By than, we were ended the game to join the parents in the kitchen for toast–I got to drink some real wine and it was sweet, so it wasn’t as nasty as a lot of stuff I’ve tasted. Mr B held a toast to God’s gracious during the last year and to the blessings He had in store for us in the coming year and we all clinked glasses!

It was midnight when the world went wild with screams and cheers as a new year began, and they climbed into their car and drove for home. Kayla and I picked up the yard and the kitchen; Kayla stored away the guns and I hung up the trench coat then did the dishes. Than we all fell into bed exhausted!

I think this was my best New Years Eve ever.


7 thoughts on “My Last Hours of 2011

  1. Wow!! Sounds like you had a fantastic night!! Those cops and robber pictures are EPIC. 😀

    I also love the fact that Princess is in Dylan’s shirt. Awwwwww!

  2. I love it when they come to our house and we play that. It was so fun killing Dylan and chasing you guys!

    1. *snorts* Well, thanks a lot, Kayla! 😉

      I’d say it was fun scaring you and Daryck, but Dylan and I were so sure we were about to be skinned alive that we didn’t even know that we were actually scaring you!

      Wait till I tell him, eh?! 😛


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