I’ve got the official seal of approval . . .

For you all who’s been waiting for the sequel to my short story, “Who Stole Annie’s Rocks?” I wanted to let you know that it is finished and today I received the ‘official seal of approval’ by Dylan. He’d taken it home last night and I’m pretty sure he read it as soon as he got home (he wanted to read as soon as I gave it to him back before we had even eaten dinner!) He really enjoyed it; he said it was entertaining to read and ‘so true!’ to what really had happened. I think he might have liked it more than the first!

The story will be released tomorrow morning on it’s own page called The Sequel; for those who’ve read the first one…thank you for waiting for it and I hope you enjoy it just as much. For those who haven’t read my first story, please read it first as it introduces the characters and give a good idea of how the game goes. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it; after all, who can’t help but love Will, Frankie, Katie, Jessie and Larry? 🙂



3 thoughts on “I’ve got the official seal of approval . . .

    1. Thanks, James, I’ll be putting the next one up shortly. 🙂

      OMGoodness! Woah! There’s for twisting a plot all around… but very cool too! XD Thanks for sharing!


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