One Year: Blog Anniversary

One year from today, December 31st, I received permission to start a blog. I’d been blogging for quite a while before on the family blog, but this was different because it was for my own blog. I could post things on my own blog that would be clutter-y and off topic on the family blog. I could talk about movies or music or just write things that were in my mind. It could be a tool to help learn how to write better. 🙂

I looked through the different schemes that WordPress offered and picked Notebook for my starting blog theme.

I started out small; small posts about small family things. I had the loyal followers of Mom, Kayla, Rebekah and Aaron. And as far as I knew, they were the only ones who knew it was in existence!

As I spread my wings a little wider and hit bigger topics, I learned something. You want followers? You got to follow some other people to do that.

I went through the blogosphere visiting blogs that I enjoyed and left comments on each of them, leaving my URL with my name above my little message.

Only one person ever responded back to my comment by leaving a comment on my blog. I had found EFC’s blog through Castles, Quills and Cameras, which seemed like a pretty popular blog. Her button led me to her blog and I found that EFC liked film scores just like me. I left another comment and bookmarked her blog to come back later for more music. She came to my blog and left a comment saying hi and that she was glad to meet another girl who enjoyed soundtracks. We traded comments and shared our love of music. 🙂

She was the first.

I figured another way to make myself known in the world. Everyone loves getting awards. So, I picked my favorite blogs which I genuinely enjoyed and made special awards for each of them. I left comments for them saying I had special awards for them which they could come to get them and do a tag I had made up at the same time. They all came for them; some of them had never received awards before so many of them felt flattered and very happy that I had made them special awards.

That’s how I met my special Star Wars friends, Jedi-Chick and Savanna. We relate really well with Star Wars, Christian daughter hood, and just being teenage, homeschooler geeks. 😀

I have 20 signed on followers now; they all get my posts right in their inbox’s or dashboards. 🙂 Several of them have left me comments. Many are Star Wars fans, others are fellow fiction writers and others are big Disney/Pixar fans. As I branch into Marvel Comics and the Avengers, I’m sure I’ll get some followers who relate to that fandom.

I’m sure I have a ton of other followers who are ‘silent stalkers’ and have never left a comment for me to enjoy. To all of you who’ve followed me for awhile but have never said anything, I’m glad you enjoy my blog and do consider leaving just one comment for me to let me know you are there. 🙂 If you leave a blog address, I’ll even visit you back!

I’m in no way considering a stop in blogging; not for a long while, at least! I enjoy writing, putting down words, thinking up post ideas. 🙂

It’s been a great experience being a blogger; as I extend my wings wider, I hope to be more experienced in engaging with other people. Like, learning how to share wisdom, being kind and gracious when we might disagree (haven’t met very many people who I disagree with yet!) and simply learning how to handle the weapon of words wisely and carefully and well. The power of words is very great and as I love using words, I want to be good at it. Anyone concur?

Today I celebrate a old year ending and a new year beginning, a whole year of being a Star Wars fan and also a whole year of my little blog. Thank you to all who have been with me during the journey! 🙂

I’m looking forward to exciting new year of blogging!



11 thoughts on “One Year: Blog Anniversary

  1. Happy 1st year!! Yeah, blogging is such a great way to express your opinions and make friends along the way. 😀

    I always look forward to reading you blog everyday! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Finally I found a kindred spirit here on WordPress! It is really interesting with the uprising of so many blogs, among them you will eventually find people who share similar fandoms or interests. I love comics, including Japanese mangas, and especially Transformers even though Avengers is glorious. I guess you are longing for the movie as much as I am.

    I am completely sold on your blog by the way, I am going to say it even if I already sound like a fangirl. Sorry for the incredibly long message XD

    1. Thank you very much for the comment; and I don’t mind long messages. 😀

      I’m pleased to meet you and I’m glad you enjoy my blog! Yay, another Avengers fan! 😀

      Again, thank you very much!


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