Challenge Accepted!

So, I have a great blogging friend, Savanna. She’s into photography (she got her Nikon for Christmas; Yay!) and she decided to do the 365 photography project this up-coming year. She sent me her new blog link and invited me to it with her.

I’m crazy and spontaneous. Take one picture everyday for a year? Doesn’t sound so hard. Than I though, WOW! This would a GREAT way to document Princess growing up!

So, I accepted the challenge! But it got better, because Kayla agreed to do it to and so did Jedi-Chick! So, there are four of us all doing the challenge together! We’re all SO EXCITED now for the new year and being partners!

My second blog is called Pictures of Princess and I’ll be posting one picture everyday there for a year. I hope that I’ll be able to capture her as she matures into an adult cat. I also hope to experiment with different settings, poses, lighting, posture and simply getting used to handling the camera more.

You want to follow along? CLICK HERE to visit my second blog (or click the button above).  You can find everyone else’s links on my about page over there. 🙂

Challenge accepted! Bring it on!



5 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

    1. Yes, it’s not something I normally do, but it will be a great way to take consistant photos of my kitten, so I’m excited! Do follow along, even if you can’t join. 🙂


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