The Adventures of Tintin: A Film Review

This… was a great movie. Any fan of action and adventure should watch this film!

It stars the old comic book hero, Tintin, a young reporter  who’s had many adventures and ready for more with his white dog, Snowy. Well, the film picks up when he buys a model ship called the Unicorn. He is immediately offered large amounts of money for it but he refuses. The ship is stolen from him later but he finds a clue that was hidden inside the ship. He is kidnapped for the clue..and everything goes from there!

This film uses the new ground-breaking animation where they actually captured motion by the actors. The animation is SO REAL There are many scenes that look vividly real. The people look very real…would look too real if most of them didn’t have such outrageously big noses. You should see this just for the animation! It’s amazing!

The plot is very interesting and action packed! Tintin meets enemies and makes unlikely friends all while figuring out the puzzle of Haddock’s mystery. Certainly not a boring moment..when there isn’t action, there is some AWESOME one liners that are hilarious! Very good humor!

Tintin is an interesting and endearing character; though background or development is lacking. I’m normally pretty upset if characters aren’t developed right, but I didn’t have a problem with Tintin as he was. He’s spunky yet mature, a quick-thinker and light on his feet. He’s endearing and the affection for his dog is cute, too!

Snowy is a real cute dog, and useful too! His loyalty to Tintin is so endearing. He can do all sorts of useful things but he still acts like a dog! (watch movie to see how!)

I think Captain Haddock is my favorite character; even though he’s a drunkard and rather loony, but he’s absolutely hilarious! Of course, the mystery lies around him and the fact that he’s forgotten everything everybody else needs him to remember!

The three together team up to escape to being held prisoners and manage to piece together enough of the mystery to go after the other model ship! And the adventures they go on just getting there are hair-rising in and of themselves!

The score of the film was written by John Williams, so it’s automatically good (LOL) and it really accented the film.

It would recommend this for kids ten and up; there are some intense scenes and only one or two off-color jokes. Otherwise, very clean and very fun. Extremely adventurous!

I HIGHLY recommend this movie!


3 thoughts on “The Adventures of Tintin: A Film Review

    1. Thank you very much, James! I think you and Jacob would like this one a lot, even though it’s animated. 🙂

      Thanks for the link too; I’ll be sure Kayla sees it, too. 😀


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