Catalog of Gifts


Here is some of my Star Wars presents: I love my Star Wars Panel to Panel book, it’s full of artwork, with a lot from comic books or what you see on the internet. Sometime I’ll share the pictures I already have on my computer like it’s from my book. XD Oh, the big bottle is body wash for all us kids to use, along with a dispenser. I’m pretty sure that’s clone Captain Rex’s helmet…he’s cool, so I don’t mind that it’s a Clone Wars thing.


That’s my Chewbacca ornament, Chewbacca action figure (with gun), Darth Vadar and Chewbacca lego pens, and a light blue mini lighstaber full of lip gloss. Yes. Lip gloss in a lightsaber. Epic.


More body wash and a mini lightsaber with hollow handle for M&M’s. And three pins Kayla gave me. The bottom one is of Darth Maul, if it’s too washed out to tell. 🙂


My new Threepio computer mouse; Kayla gave me some of the best gifts! We’re hoping it’s a new enough model to work on my laptop… if it doesn’t, I’ll probably give it back to her to try on her computer.


And all the Star Wars cards from Kayla. Top ones are all of Revenge of the Sith. Middle are real old carboard ones, and the bottom row are all in plastic sleeves. Kayla kept some for herself so we can trade together. LOL. There are a lot of cards here, and I still need to look at them real close. 🙂


Kayla gave me everything in this picture except of the DVD (yes, we got Captain America..the clean version, which confuses me because I honestly can’t think of one scene that needed to be taken out…) I love my Cap action figure and the stickers are epic. They will probably get stuck onto my laptop or something. Kayla also painted that shield, on wood. Even she doesn’t know what it is but she said I could use it like a cup coaster or something. LOL


These are all random gifts (Kayla gave me the little disco ball). I love my Woody doll.The candle is pomegrante scented; I got three of the Peeps trees, but I already ate one of the boxes. The Snoopy cup is cute and I had honey roasted nuts on my list! LOL

This isn’t all; I got two shirts (one with kittens on it and one with a cross and scripture). I got a new light for next to my bed (my other one has been dead for almost a year!). It got a book on writing my Douglas Wilson and the “It’s Not that Complicated” book on boy/girl relationships by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin (Kayla and I share the book). I got lots of other random, little stuffs and, of course, my kitten.


It was a nice Christmas; Kayla got some great gifts (her two favorites are the ones I gave her. Big Sister gifts rock. Just sayin’.) But I will let her blog about them herself. Nathan got about five huge lego sets, a Star Wars lego shirt with two Stormtroopers and Darth Vadar. And a ton of other stuff.

I gave Daddy a box full of home made oatmeal cookies that I made, I gave Mommy the cross-stitched picture she was wanting, and Nathan the Star Wars gun he had begged for from Wallmart. 🙂

I’m so thankful for all my presents, especially Princess. :)Thank you, Mom and Dad, for all of my gifts (and Kayla–she got my a lot this year!)



13 thoughts on “Catalog of Gifts

  1. Ah! 😀 Amazing! I love all your presents….it looks like you had an AWESOME Christmas!!!!

    I’ll keep an eye out for Kayla’s post and mine will be coming soon! 😀

    Merry Christmas Jamie!!! *hugs*

  2. Wow!! AWESOME gifts!! Jedi~Chick sent me a lot of little goodies this year, one of which was Yoda lip balm. It’s so cute!

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. Very cool presents, Jamie! The computer mouse really wowed me! 😛 And Princess is just too cute!! I agree with Kayla; she looks like she came straight from a calendar! Glad you had a great Christmas! 🙂


  4. Cool collection, I think I might post some of my Star Wars and Marvel comics collection. 🙂 What do you mean by the “Clean Version”? I have never heard of a “Clean Verison” of movies other than watching them on cable.

    1. There are several conservative companies out there who take movies and edit out ‘bad scenes’ to make the films ‘clean’; sex scenes, all the bad ‘BAD’ words, maybe a very gory shot that doesn’t need to be in there. The only movie I’ve seen that’s was a clean version was Inception, and I understand they took out the taking of Christ’s name out of the film. Basically; they make it so that people can watch it without being defiled. 🙂 Does that answer your question?


      1. Thanks, I have always wished someone would make Censored version of movies and now they have. 🙂 Did you like Inception? It is one of my favorite movies.

      2. I did like Inception! Thankfully, we’d had friends explain the whole plot to us before, so it only took about us one re-watch to have sorted everything out. It’s was really interesting; I liked Cobb and Aurthur but Eames is my favorite!


      3. I am glad you liked it. Those are my favorite Inception characters also. 🙂 It was my first movie review and for my 100th movie review I am going to re-review it again. 🙂

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