The Adventures of Tintin


These are the two trailers for the movie we went to see in theaters yesterday. I highly recommend this movie, too, it’s funny, adventurous, mysterious and fun! It’s got some good twists and many very nice characters. Captain Haddock is probably my favorite. XD Thompson and Thompson cracked up me up as well.

Kayla will no doubt work out a huge post about it, since she was the one who really wanted to see it. 🙂 I enjoyed it, and highly recommend it!



11 thoughts on “The Adventures of Tintin

    1. I probably will, but I would like to give my sister the chance first, considering it’s sorta ‘her movie’. If I find some good picture, I most certainly will. 🙂

      Do you think you will WATCH the movie or have you already seen it?


      1. I would be very interested in seeing a review. 🙂 I will most likely rent it or borrow it from my friend when she buys it. I heard that it is similar to the Indiana Jones movies, which are some of my all time favorite movies, so I think I will like.


      2. I’ve yet to see Indianna Jones (shame on me!) but Mom said there were many scenes that reminded her of the movies, so that statement is true. You would enjoy it a lot, I think. 😀

        I like doing reviews; so maybe I’ll get one written for this week. Maybe I’ll challenge Kayla to writing a review for it too, and we’ll both publish on the same day. She likes doing that sort of thing!:)


      3. It would be very interesting to see both of your review. 😀

        I highly recommend watching Indiana Jones. The Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark it is my 10th all time favorite movie. 🙂

      4. I’ll tell Kayla!

        We received Raiders of the Lost Ark for Christmas, so I can guarantee we’ll being seeing that one! I’m very excited about it!


  1. I saw Tintin on Christmas Eve Eve with my family and some of my friends! I hadn’t read the comic books and didn’t think I’d like it, but it was a great movie! Especially with the 3D. 🙂

  2. Ah! I’m sorry I haven’t been on your blog lately, sis! I have been Christmas busy.
    I loved Tintin, it was better than I expected! I’ll do a post soon.

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