Princess (and some other random pictures)


Here is Princess Leia! Kayla says she looks like a kitten off of a calender. 🙂


Princess has the sweetest face and her meow is close to a squeak (she was called Squeaker at the last home she had with her mommy.)


Here I am with her, trying not to be an emotional mess.


Here is one of the many action photos I shot this morning at about seven i the monring. She was being easily amused by that twig and was jumping all over the porch with it.

Here are a few more photos to hold you over till I shoot some more.


And impromptu  Christmas picture by Dad; Nathan closed his eyes. I like my Mickey sweater…


Kayla doing one of her Star Wars puzzles.


Nathan in his new Jango Fett bounty hunter costume. Kayla got this for him for Christmas. He LOVES Jango Fett; please don’t ask me why. I’ve got no idea.

It was a wonderful Christmas!!



7 thoughts on “Princess (and some other random pictures)

      1. Ha ha ha!! Twins! 😀

        And I can answer why Nathan like Jango……because he’s AWESOME! LOL! I’m a Jango lover too. Or just the Fetts in general!

      2. Yes, we’re twins!!! *Fist pump* XD

        Probably. I have a feeling it has something to do with the video game he plays . . .


  1. I LOVE your kitty!!!! 😀 Nathan is adorable in his Jengo Fett suit! Guess what Robbie got for Christmas? A Darth Vader alarm clock! It’s about a foot tall and has his red light saber and everything. It’s pretty cool!

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