Gifts from Above

I was really blessed this year; I received many nice gifts, of which I will take pictures of and hopefully will share tomorrow.

Probably fifty percent of my gifts was Star Wars related: I got a Chewbacca ornament, a Chewbacca action figure (I’m a big Chewie fan, in case you were wondering), about a million Star Wars collector cards (old and new). I got a Captain America action figure, and Captain America Stickers. Mom and Dad bought a bunch of movies for us that had been cleaned of bad words or gore or sex scenes, including Iron Man 1 and 2, Terminator, X-Men, Transformers, Braveheart, the Patriot, Thor, Captain America, Die-Hard, Indiana Jones and maybe another film I can’t remember. I even got a old Woody doll, which was really cute.

But the best was still to come.

At the end of opening all our presents, Mom handed me a little box. Inside was an ornament with a picture of a kitten in it. A slip of paper told me that a kitten was waiting for me at Dad’s shop. We all scrambled for the car and at the shop Daddy handed me an eight week old, grey, tabby kitten; all for me. It was a little girl with the widest eyes.

I’d had a kitten on my list but I really hadn’t expected to get one. But as I held the little bundle of fur, my emotions got the best of me and I started crying. I held her so tight and just cried. I was so happy; I’ve been tearing up randomly all day since. We brought her home to live in our backyard. She has a box with a blanket, several toys she just loves, and me to love and take care of her. I’ve gone outside a million times to visit her. She’s explored the whole backyard and Patience has made sure it’s known she is still boss.

I couldn’t think of many names, but I kept thinking of Princess Leia, my heroine of the year. My kitten is now named Princess. Mom says that Princess will go with me to my home when I get married and Dad said that we don’t need to fix her, so when she grows up she can have kittens.

She is the best gift I’ve ever received, the only gift to drive me to tears. I wasn’t even this happy when I got my laptop.

Pictures of Princess to come tomorrow.

Thank you, Jesus, for all the gifts you’ve given me this year and this Christmas but especially for Princess. She’s the most precious thing ever; the first animal to actually belong to me. I’m looking forward to see her grow up with me.



3 thoughts on “Gifts from Above

  1. Yay! I liked our Chrsitmas alot! – oh gosh- your cats in the house now… I gotta go!
    Okay I’m back. Anyway, I liked your candy cane pictures!

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