Film Score Friday: Christmas

Of all films I picked from Christmas movies…  Veggie Tales.

All I can say is that Veggie Tales has some very awesome Christmas tunes and most of them remind me of when I was a little kid. 🙂 So. I better document them here, so I can find them next year! XD

“Weeeee can’t believe it’s Christmas, been waiting for a million hours, can’t believe it’s Christmas, oh what a nifty day!” ROFL, I love this song, it’s one of the coolest to have stuck in my head because it makes me feel so cheery!

This one is rather corny, but the end is pretty funny. 🙂 Mr Lunt is hilarious

Now, this came from a audio story we had on tape when we were little. We were THRILLED when we found out they had retaped it and added animation! It was like seeing the story alive (at least we could now see what the food looked like). The one thing that always bothered me (and still bothers me) is that they only cover eight dishes and not twelve. XD

“Oh Santa!” I JUST LOVE THIS ONE! Best. Original. Christmas. Song. Ever.  The twist at the end is hilarious.  This is my most favorite and I always wait till Chirstmas time to start listening to it!. 🙂



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