Favorite Christmas Movie: A Christmas Story

It wouldn’t be fair to go through the Christmas seasons without getting to talk about one of my most favorite Christmas films ever; A Christmas Story. It’s one of the most hilarious movies I’ve ever seen, hands down. And it remains hilarious no matter how many times I watch it.

It’s the story of a little boy’s daily struggles of life at home while scheming of ways to find a Red Ryder BB gun under the Christmas tree. Part of the hilarity of it all comes from the fact that while we watch the movie, it’s narrated to us by the same boy: grown up!  This is very different, but VERY efficient for comedy.

The boy is Ralphie; the one in the glasses. He’s the one the movie is following. His little brother is Randy; Mama’s little boy and the kid who would starve himself to death because he won’t eat. Then there’s Mom, the patient, understanding parent though able to give discipline–sort of! And than there’s Dad (or ‘The Old Man’); he’s the hardworking, tired adult who’s trying to be a good parent but when things go the wrong he reacts in the most humorous ways!

Ralphie wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas; but his mom shakes her head and says, “You’ll shoot your eye out.” It all goes great from there. Ralphie leaves advertisement where his mother will see them and than he schemes that if he asks Santa for it, he’s sure to get it. While wishing for that BB gun, Ralphie deals with school escapades, the mean bully, his father’s new prize lamp, getting a Orphan Annie decoder, and family life of a not-so-perfect-family.

Little brother Randy is an adorable kid; if a bit spoiled. Being the baby of the family, Mom is patient and puts up with more than desirable behavior at the dinner table while Dad and Ralphie look on it disgusted disbelief (cue hysteric laughter from all of us). Randy is the one that is dressed up so warmly that he can’t move.

Ralphie and Randy walk to school every day with Ralphie’s to buddies, Flick and Schwartz. The boys enjoy school life together… even when it becomes—difficult. They also share the same fear and run screaming from it until Ralphie gets a belly full:

Oh yes! Scott Farcus; the big bully. Man, is this big kid a creep! He scares them to school and from school; and they run shrieking in terror. Ralphie takes it all until pushed too far and than he lets loose with his own attack!

I don’t recommend this film for kids younger than twelve, but for mature children, teens and adults, this is a super great film! VERY funny and endearing.

Sadly, most of our friends do not like this film; if you’ve seen it and enjoyed it, please let me know!

I triple dog dare you!
Football? Football? What's a football?



10 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas Movie: A Christmas Story

  1. I like this movie! You have to watch it though, ‘from a certain point of view’. 😛 I like the part about a bowling alley. And the 7th picture is so funny!

    1. The whole thing is funny.

      The bowling alley is very funny; mostly the ways she says it. XD I think the Bumpus dogs are hillarious, actually, and they have such a small part of the movie.


  2. We watched this on Christmas Eve! I loved it, except I would have rather watched it with clear play or something since the dad did say a lot of bad words. =/ Besides that, it’s one of my favorite Christmas movies, 🙂

    1. He did… that is one of the big reasons our family doesn’t recommend this film for younger kids; Nathan won’t see it till he’s twelve!


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