It’s A Birthday Party

Sometimes I forget Christmas is Jesus’s birthday. But I was thinking about it this year, and I realized that Christmas is really a big birthday party, not just something we do every year… just because.

Except, we go all out with everything. Which is pretty cool.

Think about it, how much trouble do most people put into birthdays? You maybe decorate the house the day before, you get cake and ice cream, some gifts and maybe you throw a party with some good friends. Maybe you stay up extra late. Or you go out for a special dinner or you spend time at the movies or you visit a carnival. Something to make the day special for the person.

But that party only lasts one day.

I realized that the one birthday that gets celebrated for an entire month is Christ’s birthday. Whether people know it or not, the whole month should be a dedication to the most special person who ever walked the world. We celebrate Him all year round, but His special birthday party can last over a whole month!

Imagine, His birthday gets actual trees set up in peoples homes, and a ton of special food is made and people think of each other by buying gifts for others. We hang up special lights on our homes and sing different music.

Maybe people are thinking their just doing a tradition. It’s Christmas time, there’s a special date on the calender, the stores are full of sales, we hang stockings for Santa to fill. Maybe people don’t know why their celebrating anymore, but they’re still helping to throw the biggest birthday ever, a party that compares to nothing

It’s Christmas time. His name is in title and it’s His party. Let’s not forget that.

Pass the birthday cake, please.



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